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Monday, August 3, 2020
  • DatabaseUSA Wins Case Against The Spamhaus Project

    A federal court rules that The Spamhaus Project wrongfully listed the company on its blocklist for three years. Read the whole story

  • Cyber Security Firm Expands To Europe To Help Firms Protect Data

    SecureReview uses several technologies, including facial verification and a secure mail system, to limit access to data. Read the whole story

  • Consumers Are Increasingly Being Victimized Online, Study Finds

    Almost a quarter of all consumers had their identity stolen in 2019, Hartford Steam Boiler reports. Read the whole story

  • Motivational-Based Targeting Using 265 Psychological Traits Comes To Marketing

    Research Measurement Technologies and Semasio are announcing technology that understands peoples' motivations by analyzing psychological traits and consolidating them into motivational segments they call ... Read the whole story