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Friday, June 11, 2021
  • Anneka Gupta Steps Down As President Of LiveRamp For a New Tech Leadership Role

    The firm will elevate two C-level positions: Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer. Read the whole story

  • New Tool IDs Consumers While Guarding Their Privacy, Firm Says

    Data collaboration platform InfoSum's new tool allows brands to achieve addressability across channels, the company says. Read the whole story

  • Amazon Reportedly Faces $425 Million Privacy Fine In Europe

    Amazon is facing a possible fine of nearly half a billion dollars for allegedly violating Europe's broad privacy laws, according to a report in … Read the whole story

  • Merkle's Cookie-Crumble Guide To The Future

    The deprecation of third-party cookies continues to intensify, along with confusion. Merkle this week released a guide outlining the brief history of privacy regulations, … Read the whole story

  • Are You Ready? Prime Day Is Just Around The Corner

    This Prime Day will likely straddle the before and after COVID-19 worlds that we are still navigating. And like last year there are likely … Read the whole story