Stop Thinking For Tween Girls
    We must give up our preconceived ideas of what she wants and simply ask her. Once you find a tween girl, you'll discover she has a voice and is only too eager to tell you what she is thinking, doing, saying and dreaming because, frankly, she wants adults to stop thinking for her. Let's clear up a few common misperceptions.
  • ENGAGE:KIDS 6-11
    Everybody's Doing It: Capitalizing On The Power Of Peers
    Implementing a few key elements into your Web site and marketing plan can help to attract the tween audience. You can drive both new and repeat visits by harnessing the power of peer influence. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
  • ENGAGE:KIDS 6-11
    Family Is The Ultimate Social Circle
    Brands that help my kids learn to share, play and socialize are important to me. Marketers who couple offline and traditional experiences into social settings on the Web will become the big winners of tomorrow, both with kids and their parents.
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