• Moms, Blogs And What The New Year Will Bring
    It's been the year of the mommy blogger, as companies of all sizes have fully recognized the potential impact of blogging moms on consumer purchasing decisions.
  • 2012 Predictions For Marketing To Moms
    Women and, more specifically, moms have been quite the marketing focus in 2011 and that trend will continue in 2012. Their influence over an estimated $2.4 trillion in household spending will continue to make them the focus of brands for some time to come. What will be the key to success with moms? Here are five important considerations.
  • Three Predictions For 2012
    It's difficult to make predictions for an entire year as marketing to moms seems to be changing so rapidly. In 2011 we saw social media and digital marketing grow to be much more than an afterthought in marketing planning. In 2012, rapid changes in technology will encourage, if not force brands to think digital first.
  • Are Moms Flocking To Pinterest From Google In Their Search For Inspiration?
    Moms are in constant search for outlets that inspire their roles as mom and beyond. Earlier in 2011, the Moms Human Experience Center discovered the ironclad alliance that moms pledge to. Their promise includes to encourage and advise; to impart information and wisdom; and to exchange ideas that inspire creativity. However, while traditional search engines provide portals for moms to explore, there is a void in the virtual world for searchable idea sharing. Enter Pinterest.
  • The True Focus Of Your Focus Group
    Ah, 2012 is on the horizon and with a new year comes new opportunities for marketers to dig deep into the psyche of their consumers and find new ways to engage them with their brands. This deep dig for information often leads companies to invest heavily into research-including the beloved focus group. We create our targets, reserve our conference rooms and order the traditional snacks-all in hopes of getting the right information about our customers.
  • Top Trends To Keep In Mind In '12
    A new year is upon us - and with it comes the pundits with their predictions about trends and what to expect in the upcoming year. Since I've been in the trenches planning Q1 initiatives for clients, I'm sharing with my thoughts about moms, their top concerns, and the trends we marketers should anticipate when looking forward to 2012.
  • Capturing Last-Minute Mom Dollars This Holiday Season
    Every retailer is scrambling to boost their bottom line for the year with last-minute holiday spending. This has been apparent with Black Friday deals extending into Saturday and Sunday and CyberMonday Deals becoming CyberWeek Sales. Whether you are a big brand with unused budget to spend before 2012 arrives or a bootstrapping product manufacturer, there are simple tactics that you can still implement to boost 2011 sales.
  • Moms Get App Happy This Holiday Season To Save Time And Money
    Moms shop. They are responsible for about $2.1 trillion in spending on an annual basis and an estimated $466 billion will be spent this holiday season alone in the U.S. As competition increases; retailers are beginning to recognize that today's mom expects more including simplicity, selection, trust and savings (on precious time and money).
  • Mobilizing On-The-Go Moms
    Moms are on the go, go, go...carpooling kids, working out of the home and shopping for their families and the holidays. In their roles as breadwinners and caregivers, it is estimated that moms will spend approximately $2.1 trillion in 2011, up 24% since 1999. Add their "purchase influence" to that and it is easy to see that moms impact virtually every advertising category, from retail to pharmaceutical to automotive to entertainment.
  • Daily Deals: Four Ways To Improve The Experience For Moms
    I'm a big shopper-the type most marketers would like to count among their market share because not only am I buying, I'm influencing others along the way. I shop often, which makes me to go-to source among my friends for recommendations on everything from kids' stuff to vacation and ideas, restaurants to handbags, and so on. Knowing that my mom friends are looking for these types of recommendations, it's obvious to me that there's quite a bit of opportunity for marketers to intercept them and present them with a good recommendation before they come to me.
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