• Spray And Pray Losers Get Toasted As Savvy Emailers Fly High
    The latest research shows that the success of email is causing some to overuse it. But fear not -- they lose, while the savvy succeed.
  • Email Marketing Crowned ROI King, Beats Social -- Again
    Email marketers have yet more proof their channel provides the best ROI in digital marketing as the inbox beats the timeline and feed yet again.
  • Half Of Companies Not Ready For GDPR -- Time For More Carrot, Less Stick?
    Half of British businesses don't expect to be GDPR compliant in a year's time. Should business benefits be flagged up, rather than fines?
  • Email Knocks Social Out Of The Park, Again
    Yet another comparison between the darling of the marketing team and email shows that the inbox beats the timeline every time.
  • Email Must Get Interactive Or Forget About Gen Z
    Email marketing is rarely mentioned alongside the term Gen Z, and that should alarm. The industry needs to get interactive and useful. Plain text just won't cut it.
  • GDPR Will Be The Law, Under Whatever Name
    GDPR will be law next May, now that we know the PM, if re-elected, will pass a new data law as the UK leaving the EU. GDPR by another name.
  • Email Is Riding High, And We've Only Just Triggered Its Secret Weapon
    Email open and click-through rates are at a four-year high -- and that's as we only just begin to understand the power of triggered emails. The best is yet to come.
  • Face Down The Phishers -- DMARC Is Email's Secret Weapon
    Email marketing can no longer be trusted without more companies and ISPs switching to the tech that proves who the sender really is.
  • Automation And Personalisation Lead, But What About Email ID?
    Just one in five email marketers list using email to identify customers on different sites and devices as a top priority. Surely it's a bigger opportunity than that?
  • Consent Is The Best Way To Target With GDPR Compliance
    The DMA makes some strong points to the ICO on a light-touch approach to segmenting audience, but consent will usually be the best, compliant route for profiling.
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