• Vibrant Media Reinvents Halloween
    What happened to Halloween?!  The effects of Hurricane Sandy caused major devastation, loss and inconvenience - not to mention the fact that we skipped my favorite holiday.  But even I wasn't in the mood to celebrate this year, Halloween just felt so trivial in comparison to what we had all collectively gone through in the wake of this disaster. So what is a company to do when their annual Halloween Party bash was scheduled in the midst of all of this?  Reschedule & Recreate, of course!
  • In A Word, BuzzFeed Music Event Was So OMG (Okay, So It's An Acronym, Not A Word, But You Get My Drift)
    The digital elite were out on the town Tuesday night to fte the launch of BuzzFeed's new music vertical, BuzzFeed Music and their partnership with Rdio, a Web-based music streaming service. The partnership will allow BuzzFeed to use its music channel and homepage as a place where users can discover new music through sponsored Rdio posts and units.
  • This Happened In Vegas: The ECHO Awards
    LAS VEGAS -- The DMA celebrated the most exciting international response marketing campaigns of the year here last night durin the 2012 edition of the annual ECHO Awards Gala.
  • Man Bites Downward Dog: Health Mag Teams With Wanderlust For 'Yoga In the City'
    When as many as 3,000 participants gather for a yoga/music festival, a yoga hip-hop artist like MC Yogi becomes the new rock star, and yoga teachers are the new celebrities. This month Health magazine's Associate Publisher Lana LoRusso, who previously worked at sister Time Inc. magazine People (see, yoga is the new Hollywood!), partnered with Wanderlust for a free one-day urban yoga event in NYC, LA, and SF called Yoga in the City.
  • COREMedia Puts On Its Crazy Game of Poker Face To Celebrate 20 Years
    When Glenn DeKraker, COREMedia Systems CEO, floated -- correction -- effervesced the idea to me of shooting the company's 20th anniversary event, Response Responsibility, I thought two things: "Crap sandwiches, I'll have moved to Florida by then"; and "How can I make this work?" Glenn solved it for me by whisking me from Miami in what I like to call "a bounce house in the sky" (what others call a plane). The next thing I thought, this would be perfect for Just An Online Minute, my old column that I love and miss! So hello, here I am, on assignment ...
  • Agencies Grab Honors, Look Toward Super Bowl And Beyond
    Top executives from winning agencies such as MPG Global CEO Maria Luisa Francoli, GroupM Interaction COO John Montgomery and Saatchi & Saatchi X CEO Dina Howell were in attendance Tuesday as "Media" Magazine handed out its annual Agency of the Year awards.