• Fast Food Workers Strike, Pols Talk, Public Eats
    Like a video remote control moving from 2x to 4x, the Fast Food Forward movement gathered momentum yesterday as workers in about 60 cities took to the streets, demanding a starting wage of $15 -- more than double the current national floor of $7.25 -- and putting a face on what it means to be part of the working poor.
  • McDonald's, BK Dispute Study On Ads To Children
    A study of national television advertisements for the top 25 quick service restaurant chains that aired between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2010, charges that McDonald's and Burger King "did not follow through with their self-regulatory promises during the study period," as a summary posted to the website of its funder, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, states.
  • Nissan: We'll Put You Out Of The Driver's Seat By 2020
    While showing off prototypes of self-driving Leaf electric cars at a well-staged event in Irvine, Calif., yesterday, Nissan Motor EVP Andy Palmer was challenging not only his competitors to catch it if they can but, perhaps more directly, the regulatory and insurance bureaucrats who might stand in the way of making "autonomous" cars a reality on global highway and byways by the turn of the next decade.
  • McDonald's Mighty Wing Takes Flight (As Does ESPN)
    McDonald's confirmed yesterday that it is "set to hatch a fast-food menu item in a fast-growing category it wants to own: chicken wings," as Bruce Horovitz puts it in "USA Today," unleashing speculation on the Mighty Wings' potential impact on everything from fast-food franchises that have built their business around poultry to its influence on the wholesale price of the bird part.
  • NY Attorney General Flunks Trump University
    New York State attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman filed a civil suit against Donald Trump's Trump University Saturday seeking at least $40 million in restitution and claiming that it was "an elaborate bait-and-switch" operating as an unlicensed educational institution from 2005 to 2011.
  • Oreo Has The Right Stuf (If Maybe Not Enough Of It)
    Oreo's Double "The Double Stuf Oreo May Be Missing Some Stuf," reads the hed on the story by "Time"'s Alexander Aciman. "Scandal ensues" is the arch subhed.
  • Admitting Mistakes In Retail, Ackman Remains Feisty
    With his billion-dollar bets on J.C. Penney and Herbalife situated far south of where he expected them to be, it has been increasingly clear that Pershing Square Capital Management honcho William Ackman would have "some splainin to do," as Ricky used to say to Lucy. Yesterday he did so in a 23-page letter to his shareholders replete with disclaimer and notes.
  • Rung At A Time For Best Buy, Penney, Kodak
    Every once in a while you see someone write a variation of "even Google/Apple/Amazon/Facebook won't be around forever" and you wonder how could that be? Sure, there have been gaffes, but they remain innovative companies and dominate mindshare in their categories.
  • Competitors Lash Back At Amazon's Price Slashes
    Overstock.com, which gleefully ignited a price feud with Amazon last month when it declared that it would undercut the latter's prices by 10% for a limited time, yesterday announced that it would permanently go mano-a-mano on prices with the company that has made its market cap by undercutting everybody else.
  • Roadtesters Say Stingray Lives Up To Hype
    Gentlemen of the automotive press, start singing your praises.
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