• Today's News Is All About 'Technology And Stuff'
    No, we're not talking about Apple or Amazon or Big Data or the Marketing Cloud or Programmatic Buying. We're talking about how Chevrolet quickly turned a gaffe by a regional zone manager in Kansas City during the presentation of a 2015 Chevy Colorado pickup truck to World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner Wednesday night into a clever tagline, making lemonade out of a social media meme that easily could have gone the other way.
  • SodaStream Sours On 'Sweet'; Will Close West Bank Factory
    SodaStream announced during an earnings call yesterday that it was pretty much ditching sweet soda and re-rebranding as a carbonated water company. It is also said it would close its controversial factory in the West Bank that led to a worldwide consumer boycott and caused spokeswoman Scarlett Johansson to resign in January as an ambassador for Oxfam after eight years with the group.
  • CurrentC Squares Off Against Apple Pay
    Although the highly self-vaunted Apple Pay is exhibiting an envious rollout on the new iPhone 6 devices - more than one million credit cards were activated within 72 hours of its debut, CEO Tim Cook crowed during an onstage interview at the WSJD Live Global Technology Conference Monday evening - there's a snag. Some very big retailers - chains such as Walmart, Target, Publix and Best Buy that process more than $1 trillion in annual sales in toto - aren't accepting it. Rite Aid and CVS pharmacies did at first, but suddenly didn't.
  • EWG Database Ranks 1,500 Food Brands; GMA Claims It's 'Severely Flawed'
    Knowledge being power, a public relations battle immediately erupted over the veracity of Food Scores, a new searchable database released by the Environmental Working Group yesterday that ranks 80,000 foods from 1,500 brands not only for their nutritional value, but also for "ingredients of concern, such as food additives, and contaminants."
  • No. 1 Goes To The Swift As Fans Rally To '1989' Leak
    It's October 27. Which means one thing, of course. It's officially time for "1989." As in Taylor Swift's birth year and the title of her new release.
  • Have We Got A Deal For You! Four Retail Stories For The Price Of One
    The increasingly frenetic and competitive world of getting the product from Point A and into the hands of consumers who not only want it cheap but also want it experiential is fully represented in this morning's headlines.
  • Solar Panel Benefit Program Is A Win, Win, Win, Win, Win Collaboration
    It would appear that everybody wins in a novel employee benefit program initiated by the World Wildlife Fund that helps consumers underwrite the cost of installing a solar electric system in their homes.
  • Target Sets Its Sights On Free Shipping, More Ad Spending And Renewed Ethos
    Target's new CEO, Brian Cornell, and his helpers are spreading good cheer about the upcoming holiday season all across Medialand with numerous one-on-one interviews revealing plans to offer universal free shipping for online sales, outlining its upcoming advertising campaign, and dishing on a host of other initiatives from interactive iPhone apps for kids to aggressive couponing on its Cartwheel app to guaranteed price-matching from Nov. 1 through Christmas Eve.
  • Oscar de la Renta, Who Designed For First Ladies And 'Those Who Lunch,' Dead At 82
    Oscar de la Renta, who "designed for every era's jet set in his lifetime - from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Babe Paley and Zsa Zsa Gabor, to Beyonc, Sarah Jessica Parker and Penlope Cruz," as Christina Binkley observes in the "Wall Street Journal," succumbed to an eight-year battle with cancer last night at age 82 just six weeks after he made an appearance at a Fashion Week runway show for his Spring 2015 line.
  • Tesla Directs Consumers To Take A Direct Message To Michigan's Governor
    Tesla Motors is urging consumers to take a direct message to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder: Veto a bill by tomorrow's deadline that would effectively prohibit Tesla from opening a store in the state to sell its high-end electric vehicles directly to them.
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