• Miller Plans To Launch Competing Seltzers Into 'Oblivion'
    "Miller is unapologetically 'about' beer. The only way we will ever launch a [hard] seltzer is if we're launching it into oblivion," says company VP.
  • Degree's New 'Inclusive' Is Roll-On For People With Disabilities
    Degree Inclusive is in beta test, and includes such features as a hooked design for one-handed usage, and magentic closure.
  • Will Back To Normal Mean Less For Etsy?
    It now expects second-quarter sales "to decelerate along with the rest of ecommerce as we lap the tremendous 2020 growth rates," according to CEO.
  • Retailers, States Intensify Push To Reach Vaccine-Hesitant
    Walmart, for one, is eliminating the need for vaccine appointments, with consumers now able to get vaccines on a walk-in basis.
  • What's Sillier? Turtle Racing, Or Creating A 'Champagne of Beers' Region?
    Imitating the French, Miller High Life aims to have the area around its brewery in Milwaukee designated "The Champagne of Beers Region."
  • Pep's Place: Pepsi Partners With Ghost Kitchens, Delivery Services
    With its U.S. food-service business still on the decline, Pepsi seems to be hoping that partnering with ghost kitchens can fill some of the slack.
  • Dos Equis Welcomes Customers Back To Bars For Cinco De Mayo
    In latest spot, one bar-goer in training can' t button his pants past those COVID pounds, while another leaves in house slippers.