• Disrupting A Once-Staid Category, Kotex Builds A 'Menstruation Machine'
    Machine, built by a creator of STEM-can-be-funny videos, aims to "demystify periods" with humor, says Kimberly-Clark's Sarah Paulsen.
  • With Revenues Roaring, Target Switches Ad Strategy
    Called "What we value most shouldn't cost more," campaign is the first from Cara Sylvester, Target's new chief marketing officer.
  • Father's Day Spending Set To Hit Record $20B
    With Major League Baseball back to normal and playing a full schedule, special baseball-branded Father's Day apparel is on sale.
  • Lawsuit Targets Vital Farms' Premium-Egg Ad Claims
    Class-action lawsuit alleges the company makes false and misleading claims about how it treats the hens that produce its eggs.
  • Rainbow Ad Anxiety: New Research Reveals Marketers' LGBTQ Worries
    About 81% of advertisers surveyed fear backlash caused by "an inauthentic execution of LGBTQ people and scenarios."
  • Tom's Of Maine Polishes Its Purpose-Driven Edge
    Colgate-Palmolive is out to rejuvenate Tom's of Maine with new products, packaging and marketing. It's also beta-testing a D2C launch.
  • Investors Give Free Range To Plant-Based And Cell-Cultured Chicken
    Plant-based chicken marketer Daring Foods and animal-cell-cultured meat provider Good Meat announced a combined $210 million in new funding rounds.
  • Urge To Splurge Powers Massive Gains At Walmart, Home Depot, Macy's
    Macy's outdid expectations, but "is still a retailer in long-term decline," says Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData.
  • Storyblocks Stock Video Starts 'Queer Spaces And Faces' To Show Real LGBTQ Life
    The authenticity of the video scenes is what makes Queer Spaces and Faces a new spin on the subject, according to Storyblocks.
  • Walmart Adds Virtual Try-On Tech
    Zeekit lets users try dozens of outfits in minutes. It claims technology had reduced customer returns for other retailers by as much as 36%.
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