Marketing Daily
Thursday, July 5, 2007
  • June Saw Auto Sales Busting Out All Over

    [Automotive] Crossovers and smaller cars are helping some brands reach record sales and others post incremental increases, and turning the fortunes for those who … Read the whole story

  • Dunkin' Donuts Dives Into Iced Tea Mania

    [Restaurants] The category has taken off in restaurants with very little marketing support and could well see even greater growth once the public is … Read the whole story

  • Untapped Niches Remain for Affinity Credit Cards

    [Financial Services] In order for current affinity card programs to continue to grow, the companies must treat them as a partnership. Both the bank … Read the whole story

  • Nokia Bumps Lenovo From No. 1 On Greenpeace's List

    [Technology] Nokia became the front-runner again, thanks to its support for Individual Producer Responsibility, which requires each company to take care of the electronic … Read the whole story

  • Automakers 'Incentify' Minivan Sales In June

    [Automotive] "The flood of popular crossovers is taking its toll on the minivan segment," says Edmunds' Senior Editor Michelle Krebs. "It will be … Read the whole story

  • Political Advertising Eating Up Cable News Inventory

    [Politics] Six presidential hopefuls have already aired TV spots, providing a boon for local stations well before the expected high tide next year -- … Read the whole story

  • Brand Communications Firm Launches Green Unit

    [Trend] Imre Communications, an integrated brand communications firm, has launched a green practice designed to help companies leverage environmental positioning and increase awareness of … Read the whole story