Marketing Daily
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
  • Coke Is It For Daytona 500's 50th Anniversary

    [Beverages] The Daytona 500 happens around the time of the Super Bowl, with which Pepsi has a sponsorship arrangement as part of its NFL … Read the whole story

  • Consumers Seek Authenticity In Cause-Related Marketing

    [Research] "We see that as an effect of the 'ribbonization' of America," Carol Cone says. "Consumers are saying it's not enough for a company … Read the whole story

  • Patrón Adds Viral Marketing With Online Social Community

    [Spirits] Says the VP/marketing: "People who enjoy Patrón are trendsetters; they're active and knowledgeable about what's happening within their circle of friends, their community … Read the whole story

  • Bradley Launches Ads For Its Hot Flash Remedy

    [Pharmaceuticals] The company is seeking strategic alliances that target women 30 to 55 via marathons, symposiums and foundations. Ads for the Elestrin, a low-dose … Read the whole story

  • Mid-July, And MLB Launches Post-Season Marketing

    [Sports] "Dane Cook will draw a demo Tommy LaSorda wouldn't. Cook was sort of launched in that space, and he has more friends on … Read the whole story

  • New Oxy Acne Treatment Ads Aim To Tickle Dudes' Funny Bones

    [Beauty] "We've created packaging, fragrances and formulations that have made younger men feel comfortable about purchasing and using these products," says the Oxy brand … Read the whole story