Marketing Daily
Monday, January 5, 2009
  • Marketers Cast Wary Eye On Regulatory Agenda

    With a new administration, a substantially new Congress and an array of crises that President-elect Barack Obama will have inherited from the soon-to-be-ex, the … Read the whole story

  • Consumer Value Perception

    RetailerDec. 29Dec.4 Target 59.29 49.89 Amazon 49.78 45.34 Wal-Mart 46.72 39.06 Best Buy 42.32 39.48 JC Penney 39.52 38.19 Old Navy 38.69 42.54 EBay … Read the whole story

  • Sales May Be Lost In Translation

    Translation blunders have long been a source of amusement to consumer targets overseas. While these mistakes often make consumers giggle or blush, they are … Read the whole story

  • Department-Store Decline: It's Not The Economy

    "Instead of panicking, overreacting and spending so much money trying to change the timing of when people shop, retailers just need to focus on … Read the whole story

  • OTC Sleep Aids Poised For Long-Term Growth

    Marketing will likely take more "non-traditional" approaches, led by heavy Internet marketing. "There are so many exciting alternative options in an age of evolving … Read the whole story

  • Sales Followed Consumer Perception Of Retailers

    Amazon, which already reported its best holiday sales ever, also ranked second all month in BrandIndex's rankings of what consumers think of the big … Read the whole story

  • Analysts To Brands: Stick To Your Knitting

    "If you look back eight years ago, the iPod emerged after the economy last hit the skids; it was an example of an inventive … Read the whole story