Marketing Daily
Thursday, January 29, 2009
  • Hyundai To Drive Through Super Bowl

    It will air five 30-second TV spots during Sunday's broadcast of Super Bowl XLIII on NBC. The ads tout the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe; … Read the whole story

  • Countdown To The Super Bowl

    Dignity has no place at the breakfast table. Or does it? Find out if there's room in today's Super Bowl edition of Out to … Read the whole story

  • Just How Super Is The Super Bowl?

    Setting aside the question of quality creative, the survey brings into harsh relief the question being more loudly articulated this year than ever before: … Read the whole story

  • Best Buy Connects Green With Thrift

    Experts say the move shows how important it is to link doing the right thing with the immediate impact of cost benefits for consumers. … Read the whole story

  • Consultancy Advises Marketers To 'Stay On Brand'

    In its report on trends, SALT cautions that "befriending" customers on social networks like Twitter and Facebook "has a price." That price includes providing … Read the whole story

  • Harley Seeks A More Diversified Hog

    It recently launched a trade-in program in which owners of its entry Sportster model can trade up to a larger bike and get the … Read the whole story

  • Apple's Polish Dulled, But Not For Long

    "Steve Jobs' illness was a headline, and it did carry through on the Internet," BrandIndex's Ted Marzilli says. As news and speculation surrounding Jobs' … Read the whole story

  • Good News: Hershey Ups Ad Spending

    The CEO of chocolate maker Hershey Co. said lower ad pricing offers an opportunity to get more for less--and his company intends to take … Read the whole story