Marketing Daily
Monday, March 15, 2010
  • Kraft Snacks Partner With NCAA, CBS Sports

    "Our strategic approach is to leverage these partnerships to connect our flagship brands to key audiences in a big way," Stephen Chriss, Kraft Foods … Read the whole story

  • Who Goes To Monster Truck Shows?

    Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who attended monster truck events in the past year: 1 New Orleans 2 El Paso, Texas 3 … Read the whole story

  • Toyota: Fall From Grace Or Bump In Road?

    Re-focusing efforts on building cars that consumers can trust will allow Toyota to rebuild the image and reputation that have been integral to its … Read the whole story

  • N.Y. Auto Show To Include NADA Forum

    "When we began thinking about this last summer, especially after all the economic turmoil, with GM and Chrysler coming out of bankruptcy, we thought … Read the whole story

  • Postal Woes: Get Ready For Delivery Cutbacks

    "This may accelerate the decline of direct mail," says Unica's Jay Henderson, "as companies continue to find alternative ways to sell products. But I … Read the whole story

  • Forrester: Enable Consumers At All Touchpoints

    Forrester Research VP/Principal Analyst Sucharita Mulpuru says that to capture the growth potential of online retail, marketers will have to have a multichannel strategy … Read the whole story

  • Survey: RIM Struggling Vs. Apple, Google

    Still, RIM remains the leader in smartphone market share, due mostly to its business-friendly platform. "That's the inertia; they are provided by business [clients]," … Read the whole story

  • Imax To Launch Portable Screens, Expand Marketing Biz

    Imax is looking to go mobile and enter the experiential marketing business. The company plans to offer a portable set-up, where an inflatable dome … Read the whole story