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Friday, May 7, 2010
  • KBB Ranking: Ford Profits From Toyota's Woes

    Toyota was a bit like a racer who is so far ahead of the pack that the pebble in its shoe merely evens the … Read the whole story

  • Kim-Clark Veep Talks Turkey About Personal Care

    "I came into K-C about two years ago starting on adult and feminine care businesses. The thing I noticed most is that all three … Read the whole story

  • Who Drinks Bottled Water/Seltzer?

    Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who drank bottled water or seltzer in the past six months: 1 Los Angeles 2 New York … Read the whole story

  • The Future Belongs To Chatter Marketing

    It's not about interruptions. It's about interruptees and how engaging they are, how relevant, how well they listen, and how thoughtful they are. Read the whole story

  • Gens X/Y, Rich Households Hike Private-Label Sales

    Besides affluent shoppers, younger ones show continued enthusiasm for private labels. "It's the younger ones turning to store brands much more than older people," … Read the whole story

  • Gadget Spend Up, Reflecting Their Essential Nature

    "There's a strong desire for consumer electronics. It's one of those things people want, and they now look at it as a necessity rather … Read the whole story

  • April Sales Were Better Than Expected

    Kantar Retail reports that despite the declines in April, shoppers continue to find themselves increasingly inclined to go shopping, and its ongoing ShopperScape says … Read the whole story

  • Sprint Nextel Expands Its Prepaid Strategy

    With prepaid customers the fastest-growing segment of its business, Sprint aims to expand further in the category by establishing brands tied to specific consumer … Read the whole story