Marketing Daily
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
  • Mountain Dew Lets Fans Plan Tour, Events

    "I've been doing event marketing for 20 years," says Motive's Matt Statman. "This experience was a game changer. Tapping the 'collective intelligence' by turning ... Read the whole story

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  • Zuckerberg Was Partly, Right And Wrong

    Publishers and advertisers should focus every effort on delivering a personalized experience to users. But they should first ask people in a clear and ... Read the whole story

  • Goodwill Looks To Measure Donation Effect

    The effort also includes a new "Donate" icon, a "D" with recycle-style arrows around it. The symbol will start appearing on products with the ... Read the whole story

  • State Farm Targets 18-25 With 'Magic Jingle'

    State Farm Director of Marketing Tim Van Hoof tells Marketing Daily, "Online is in the works, and there will be more unfolding across a ... Read the whole story

  • Young Women Most Optimistic About Recovery

    While Gen Y (especially women), dual-income couples with no kids, and financially secure empty-nesters are most likely to say they intend to spend more ... Read the whole story

  • Fla. County Busy Selling Unspoiled Beauty

    The campaign uses a "fresh TV" approach wherein a raft of TV spots was shot and began airing in one day as a crisis-TV ... Read the whole story