Marketing Daily
Friday, October 22, 2010
  • Glenfiddich Events, Ads Hit Major Metros

    The creative, via London-based Leagas Delaney, features photography of scenarios meant to inspire awe around themes of exploration and achievement. The new positioning will ... Read the whole story

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  • Using the Customer Buying Process

    A customer centric model is a valuable method for improving marketing and sales alignment, effectiveness and measurement. Read the whole story

  • Sears Launches New Payment Option

    Sears says it wanted to offer credit-shy customers more financing options. "The monthly payment plan is a smart shopping solution that makes it more ... Read the whole story

  • External Validation Drives Gen Y Purchases

    "These young adults are finding their place in the world, and looking for products that can help communicate what they stand for," says Nick ... Read the whole story

  • J.D. Power: Consumers Adopting Minimalism

    J.D. Power and Associates has tapped five consumer trends emerging from the social media commentary it has been studying as part of its new ... Read the whole story

  • Game Consoles Gain Digital Delivery Traction

    "Because those are in so many homes, it's showing that young people, in particular, are starting to turn to those as an entertainment center ... Read the whole story