Marketing Daily
Wednesday, June 13, 2012
  • In Supermarkets, Dads Now Top Shoppers

    If food marketers just heard a crash in Aisle 3, it may be the gender tipping point: A new survey from Cone Communications reports ... Read the whole story

  • Macy's, Sephora, Lancome 'Geniuses' In Study

    The study -- authored by Scott Galloway, New York University Professor of Marketing, a team from his L2 ad research initiative, and Buddy Media ... Read the whole story

  • LG Encourages Kids To Join Team Energy Star

    Continuing an environmental theme begun when the animated movie version of "The Lorax" was released this year, the three-partner initiative uses the Dr. Seuss ... Read the whole story

  • Credit Card Direct Mail Hits 25-Month Low

    The marketers for credit card issuers are tentative due to continued economic malaise, with direct mail volume hitting a 25-month low in April, according ... Read the whole story

  • San Francisco AIDS Foundation Taps Attik

    The cross-media marketing campaign, "Many Shades of Gay," includes a mobile- and tablet-optimized HTML5 website at, online banners, print and out-of-home ads. The ... Read the whole story

  • Dads Less Wary Of Technology In Media

    While 75% of moms versus 64% of dads believed that technology had made the world more dangerous for kids, dads (18%) are nearly twice ... Read the whole story

  • Promotions Should Reward, Not Discount

    Promotions can be a powerful tool to reward shoppers and drive long-term brand loyalty, but many businesses lack a strategy to deliver the right ... Read the whole story

  • The Ever-Evolving Tablet

    It's no secret that consumers love their tablets. Retailers know it. Publishers know it. And if the number of YouTube videos of infants playing ... Read the whole story

  • Is Gen Y Sick of Tech?

    They are not happy about where the world is going, and they are suspicious of digital technology. More than half of them think everyone ... Read the whole story