Marketing Daily
Friday, August 24, 2012
  • Lindt Unveils New Federer TV Ad

    The first tongue-in-cheek ad ("Airport," from 2010) conveyed the irresistibility of Lindor truffles (and Roger Federer) by showing female airport security guards confiscating his ... Read the whole story

  • Q&A: Mobile Makes Inroads On Event Marketing

    "If you dissect the pain point for most marketers," says Uzair Dada, CEO of Iron Horse Interactive, "they go to an event or a ... Read the whole story

  • Vespa Launches 'La Vespa Vita' Lifestyle Site

    Among other things, the site has a "Vespa Mosaic," where owners can post photos via Flickr or Instagram by using the hashtag #VespaVita; a ... Read the whole story

  • Corona Enlists Jon Gruden For Promo

    Corona Extra and Corona Light are teaming with football personality Jon Gruden for a promotion. Gruden, a Super Bowl-winning coach and ESPN commentator, stars ... Read the whole story

  • Mintel: Brand Loyalty In The Dumps For Body Care

    The deal maker for about a quarter of those who use body-care products at least once per week seems to be sale price. Mintel ... Read the whole story

  • Mitt, Barack And The Persuadables

    People tend to complain about being bombarded with nasty advertising during presidential elections, and fighting dirty has been a staple of the cycle since ... Read the whole story

  • Curation Is The New Black

    More than ever, retailers need to distill and curate quality, trustworthy information, and share it with their customers in fast and interactive ways. This ... Read the whole story

  • Creating Licensed Property Blockbusters

    A well-designed licensing program will achieve immediate recognition and relevance, creating blockbuster consumer products at retail at a time when most licenses seem to ... Read the whole story