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Monday, October 22, 2012
  • Q&A: Mobile's Real Work Begins Post-Campaign

    Brendan O'Kane, CEO at OtherLevels, which helps mobile marketers analyze their campaigns to ensure they are getting the maximum value out of their efforts, … Read the whole story

  • Macy's Involves Marilyn To Woo Gen Y

    It says it will launch 13 new brands, such as one named Marilyn Monroe, and expand 11 others. Last spring, it said it would … Read the whole story

  • Toys R Us Recruits 'Random' Social Santas

    Last year, it was inspired by stories of people paying off layaway balances for strangers. This year, it's asking for more of those random … Read the whole story

  • Avion Pharma Partners With Lifetime

    Avion Pharmaceuticals is partnering with Lifetime to promote its new prenatal vitamin. The Atlanta-based specialty pharmaceutical company will sponsor a segment on "The Balancing … Read the whole story

  • Good Earth Tea Launches Offbeat Sampling Tour

    From Oct. 12 to 31, the brand's "Untamed Moments Tour" is sending young men and women, riding branded, vintage-style bikes, into "hot hangouts" in … Read the whole story

  • Chevy Brings Spark (And Sonic And Cruze) To SEMA

    Jim Campbell, VP of Chevrolet performance vehicles and motorsports, says small cars comprise 60% of everything Chevrolet shows at SEMA. "Ten years ago it … Read the whole story

  • The NBA Goes Big With Pre-Season Pitch

    The National Basketball Association is launching a pre-season campaign to get people center-court. The new campaign is called "BIG." The Association is also rolling … Read the whole story

  • 'Mad Men' Look Available At Banana Republic

    A Banana Republic collection will be back next spring as buzz for "Mad Men" season six begins. The retailer said it will offer a … Read the whole story

  • The Truth About Our Next President

    Because of the near absolute freedom of political speech, politicians are free to fill the airwaves with lies. Some are trivial, some are shocking, … Read the whole story

  • Where Has 'Integration' Gone?

    While many speak of this overly complex world we live in, I believe that it is really quite simple and logical. To win, marketers … Read the whole story