Marketing Daily
Tuesday, January 29, 2013
  • Pizza Hut Expands Bowl 'Hut' Campaign With Freebie

    These new promotions follow on the campaign's now-closed social/UGC competition, in which consumers submitted 15-second videos that included someone saying "hut" through the pizza … Read the whole story

  • Competitors, Roles Changing For Telecom Marketers

    "Marketers are realizing [over-the-top communication service] isn't going away, and they're very aware that OTT is going to change the face of their industry," … Read the whole story

  • Pedigree Enlists Miranda Lambert For Project

    Grammy award-winner Miranda Lambert is teaming with Pedigree to launch a search for the next communities to benefit from an initiative that supplies participating … Read the whole story

  • Diet Coke In Multi-Year Deal With Taylor Swift

    Diet Coke's social channels, including Facebook (nearly 2 million "likes"), Twitter (about 240,000 followers) and Instagram, will serve as a "backstage pass," providing access … Read the whole story

  • Motorcycle Makers Tune Up For New Riders

    Ty van Hooydonk, director of communications for the Motorcycle Industry Council, says the demand is there. "It does present a value: you can save … Read the whole story

  • Social Shopper: Is It The Year Of The 'Print Cliff'?

    Chalk it up to one of those industry incongruities: While newspapers have lost something like 30% of readers in the last 20 years, the … Read the whole story

  • Ford, Honda, Toyota Perception Looks Good

    Toyota, which was in the tank in 2010 from recalls and other issues, did the best last year in reputation recovery. Chrysler saw a … Read the whole story

  • Countdown to the Super Bowl

                How far will this man go to save his favorite shirt? Let the guessing begin in today's Super … Read the whole story

  • Lance Armstrong's Oprah Moment

    Oprah's "magic touch" has a great track record, but considering the cloud of scandal and half-truths encircling Lance, not to mention a fierce public … Read the whole story

  • Get Your Local Marketing House In Order

    There's no time better than the present for a fresh start and to get your local marketing "house" in order to increase top-line business … Read the whole story