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Thursday, August 14, 2014
  • Music Drives Preferences For Multicultural Americans

    On average, per Nielsen Music 360, multicultural Americans spend $7 more on music than the total population -- $111 per year versus $104, or ... Read the whole story

  • Sprint Business Highlights People Over Tech

    With a major rebrand of its business technology services -- and a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign -- Sprint is focusing less on the what, and ... Read the whole story

  • Millennials Crave Adventurous Breakfast Options

    In a recent survey on breakfast dishes, flavors and trends among 1,280 consumers, Millennials showed more interest in all of the breakfast trends tested, ... Read the whole story

  • Despite Gen Y Efforts, Macy's Loses Steam

    Disappointing second-quarter sales results -- combined with the news that all retail sales barely gained in July -- have some observers nervous about retail ... Read the whole story

  • Redd's Apple Ale Partners With Chaparro

    Redd's Apple Ale is partnering with actor and comedian Omar Chaparro for the Atrevete with Redd's Apple Ale tour. The promotion is part of ... Read the whole story

  • Harley Heats Up Southwest With Twisted Trailz

    Its tours programs now operate in Australia, Europe, Canada, South Africa, South America and New Zealand, and of course the United States, where the ... Read the whole story

  • From Shark Week To Snark Week

    At one point on "30 Rock," NBC's show about a fake version of the NBC show "Saturday Night Live," Tracy Jordan, the demented comic ... Read the whole story