• Have Yourself A Sober Little Christmas!
    Last January, I rang in the New Year with a look at the marketing of shows like "Intervention," "Celebrity Rehab" and "DUI." Now, I'm celebrating Chrismukkah with "Project Roadblock," aPSA initiative in which local TV stations around the country offer free airtime during the week of Dec. 26 in an effort to put the brakes on drunk driving. The multi-platform campaign, which also includes a social media program, runs during one of the deadliest auto-fatality weeks of the year and culminates with a concentrated roadblock of on-air spots, texts, and tweets leading up to New Year's Eve.
  • Marketing Lessons From A Mr. Grinch
    "He puzzled and puzzled till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. Maybe Christmas, he thought ... doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!"
  • 2013 Predictions Include Brand-Commissioned Pop Music And IPads At Your Courtside Seat
    If 2012 was the year of the London Olympics, the Election, and GangnamStyle, what does 2013 hold in store for marketers? Where will the growth come from? We see a number of trends ready to shape the way we do business. Across several categories below, we'll make a "safe" and an "out on a limb" prediction.
  • How NOT To Fail At Mobile Video: 5 Tips
    It's very exciting to see how mobile video is taking off these days. I'm pretty passionate about the medium, obviously, so I'm always excited to see brands launching video ads that are optimized for tablets and smart phones. I know it works, and I know they'll see great results. Except ...
  • How To Break Through The Clutter
    Frequently, I find myself sitting in a room with a brand manager or agency discussing their "marketing pillars" and many times, if targeting women, entertainment is top of the list. These people are charged with leveraging entertainment platforms, or more daunting yet, creating new entertainment experiences, that will both engage users and align with their brand. This all sounds like fun but with many media options out there, breaking through the clutter is no easy task and delivering an ROI without insurmountable spend can be quite the challenge.
  • It's The Great Kahuna-Charlie Brown!
    Everything I know I learned from Peanuts.
  • Up Against The Wall
    Usually I use the quote from a movie or one of my favorite songs to describe an insight about some marketing and entertainment topic. But today I'm using the line "Up Against The Wall" to describe being on deadline for this article - I'm literally up against the wall of my deadline, after spending the entire day in back-to-back meetings, and phone calls. Yikes! That said, I do have a bit of a rant to discuss. Cinema advertising used to be tolerable but in the past two years it's gotten out of control. And my back is against the wall ...
  • Rise Of The Super Fan
    "Once Upon a Time." "Homeland." "Boardwalk Empire." Sunday is officially the "Night of the Living Super Fan." You know, the truly fanatical viewership that does more than just watch the show, they instantly discuss, debate, and analyze each and every scene and subplot. But there's no show on TV right now that satisfies a super fan like "The Walking Dead."
  • Engaging The Multi-tasker: 3 Ways People Consume Entertainment
    Recently, I sat down with executives from CNN, Unicorn Media, and Acta Wireless to discuss mobile video as a marketing channel. While we generally agreed that mobile video advertising has a promising future -- and a not-too-distant future, at that -- we had a lively discussion around the various benefits of, and obstacles to, success. Louis Gump, VP of Mobile for CNN, brought up some interesting points about how consumers are using mobile in conjunction with their TV viewing. His comments made me think about the many experiences consumers can have involving TV and mobile devices, particularly with respect to ...
  • 5 Ways To Use Twitter Data To Determine A Hit (Or Miss)
    Let's face it, even with all of the gnashing of teeth regarding changing viewing habits and outdated methodologies, TV ratings still provide the benchmark for measuring a success or failure in terms of viewership and demographics, both of which drive the almighty advertising dollar.
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