• Wake Me Up Before You Indiegogo: Secrets of Successful Crowdsourcing
    Ever wondered about the secret to a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign-why one project surpasses its goal by thousands of dollars, while another sputters and falls short? Or maybe you've had a project you felt so strongly about that you considered a crowdfunding campaign yourself?
  • Four Tools You Should Be Using Today
    The dialog between Oz and Finley from one of the top grossing films of 2013, "Oz The Great and Powerful" hits home in many ways. It reminds us that sometimes some of the most obvious things that are always in front of us and we are accustomed, nay, habituated to doing the same tasks every day and throughout the day. In Finley's case, it's eating a steady diet of bananas. For us, it's understanding what motivates us an insights into our daily routines.
  • Three Tips For Mobile App Success
    It's the holidays. That time of year when people are traveling and watching TV and movies on their devices, and heading to the theatre with family and friends for a leisurely vacation-day-at-the-movies. And it's also that time when tens of millions of smart devices are about to be unwrapped, tapped - and your mobile app taken for spin. For entertainment marketers, this is a big time of year.
  • There's No Business Like Show Business - Strategies For Successful Theater Marketing
    When you think about live theater, what comes to mind for most people is Broadway and the soldout shows that grace its famous stages. Unfortunately, theater isn't always as high-profile as a Broadway show in the Big Apple. Many theaters painstakingly dedicate a lot of time and effort into getting people to buy tickets to first-run or lesser-known shows.
  • The Blog's The Thing
    Marketing with the help of smart-and connected-bloggers.
  • Adapt Or Die - What Darwin Can Teach The Media/Entertainment World
    The recent news that Blockbuster was finally shuttering it's remaining 300 stores across the U.S. was a stark reminder of Darwin's adapt-or-die evolutionary mantra. Blockbuster still has strong name recognition and the name alone is a global colloquial term in the entertainment space. Hopefully, Dish, Blockbuster's parent company understands that enough to roll it into new offerings.
  • For Social Sponsorships, Content & Brand Are Integral To Driving Cost
    Chances are that if you're in entertainment marketing, you've dabbled with sponsorships at least once. That concert series, the traveling event and product placements all fall in that bucket, but have you dipped your toe into social sponsorships?
  • Why Mobile Video Will Grow Even Faster Next Year
    With a fast-growing smartphone market, improved connection speeds and more advantageous data plans available - combined with an appetite for more engaging content - there's every reason to believe that mobile video will be a powerful channel for advertisers.
  • Family Entertainment: No Longer Just Paper Bag Players
    As a child, I vividly remember coloring a local grocery store bag as part of a contest to win circus tickets. Such a simple marketing tool engrained the circus in my mind for the rest of my life. However, times have clearly changed and marketing entertainment is no longer as simple as handing out paper bags to color. Family entertainment companies must now employ a much broader set of marketing tools and tactics to sell tickets or, as we in the business like to say, "get bottoms in seats!"
  • Nielsen Incorporates Twitter; What's Next?
    Nielsen recently announced their latest product, Twitter TV Ratings, as a way of measuring television success and viral-ness. Why? Because where and when people watch TV along with how they engage with that content is swiftly changing.
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