• The Vortex Of Poverty: How Economic Status Impacts Healthcare Decisions And Healthcare Marketing Strategies
    There is perhaps no bigger contributing factor to one's health and life expectancy than poverty. Today, we are seeing the impact among those in lower socioeconomic groups in urban and rural areas.
  • Top Marketing Tips, Strategies To Attract More Patients
    As the medical system in this country continues to evolve and the politicians continue to debate about healthcare, it's important to know there are steps you can take right now to ensure a steady stream of new and returning patients.
  • Healthbots: Conversations That Drive Health
    Imagine a world where you have a voice interface with an AI-powered healthcare provider with perfect recall of your medical history and a better bedside manner than your own doctor. You can't, can you? The beauty of healthbots is multifold. First off, you get an on-demand response to your need for health information. Secondly, you can control the way the content is disseminated-in part by humanizing it to make it friendly. And thirdly, it's always a two-way conversation that builds a relationship, with the continual dialogue feeding the ability to be personalized as the bot gets to know you, its ...
  • The ABCs Of A/B Testing In Healthcare Marketing
    Medical research relies on tests with reproducible results, and the same maxim applies to healthcare marketing and education. Marketers need to understand what works, what doesn't, and the methods of delivery that resonate with patients. To that end, communications should be assessed using A/B testing.
  • Navigating Complexity: A Creative POV
    Show me a brilliantly creative healthcare ad and I'll show you a simple ad. Simplicity is the secret sauce to much of the advertising that creatives love, but more importantly, it's the secret to what usually works for patients, health care professionals and our clients.
  • What's Powerful Now? Changing Health Marketing!
    Asking "What's Powerful Now?" delivers value dynamically in the moment by harnessing the rapid pace of behavioral change in today's health journeys.
  • What A Tangled Web
    The great physicist Richard Feynman famously said, "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don't understand quantum mechanics." The same might be said of today's inter-relationships in healthcare. It was complex enough when there were merely companies, agencies, HCPs, hospitals, and a limited number of media platforms.
  • A Cause For Community
    We live in a patient-empowered world. People understand their healthcare challenges like never before. They become mini-experts during their journey to getting diagnosed. Yet, once a patient arrives at their diagnosis, they reach an inflection point and are suddenly alone with their experience. That's where communities come in.
  • Elements Of Oral Chemotherapy Compliance
    How healthcare marketers can improve at-home adherence and outcomes.
  • The Audience Economy And Its Impact On Healthcare Media Strategies
    Customers are demanding we satisfy their information needs as they manage and curate their own content. We have dubbed the shift to delivering messages to physicians and patients within an appropriate context, the Audience Economy.
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