Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for April 2023
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, April 24, 2023
Tucker Carlson's Next New Thing
IAE Explores Consortium For Greenwashing Prevention
The 4% Solution
Twitter Check-Mark Purge Commences: Take That, Pope Francis
Montana Passes Right To Opt Out Of Targeted Advertising
Microsoft Drops Twitter From Ad Platform As Elon Musk Files Lawsuit
Twitter's Hate Speech With Ad Messages Nearby?
Democrats Listen To Podcasts The Most, Republicans Trust Them More
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 19, 2023
A Picture Worth $1M (Per Lie)
Dominion, Fox Settle Massive Defamation Suit For $787.5M
TikTok Ban 'Unjustified And Unconstitutional,' Tech Industry Tells Montana Governor
GOP Lawmakers Seek To Prohibit Congress Members From Using TikTok
Twitter's New Visibility Labels Preach 'Transparency,' But Don't Quell Brand-Safety Fears
Those Twitter Tantrums? People Aren't So Angry After All
Musk: Twitter Will Cooperate On Ad Placement, But Rebuff Content Pressures
Ad Industry Asks Congress To Avoid 'Unreasonable' Restrictions On Data Brokers
New Health Privacy Bill Restricts Mobile Ads In Washington State
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, April 10, 2023
How's This For A Label: Government-Funded Twitter
Better Twitter Media Labels? NPR Isn't 'State-Controlled Media,' Just 'State-Affiliated Media'
Trump-Backed Super PAC Targets DeSantis With TV Ad
Fox Settles Election-Related Defamation Suit With Venezuelan Businessman
Lawmakers Ask DOJ To Revisit Warner Bros. Discovery Merger
How Does Industry Pro Use Of Social Media Influence Media Neutrality?
Fake 'Guardian' Article Attributed To ChatGPT, Publication Forms AI Working Group
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, April 4, 2023
Safety, Defendant, Dignity, Decorum, Democracy, Darkness
Trump Tuesday -- And Trust
Shaping Privacy Rules Is 'Priority No. 1' For IAB
Privacy Regulations Could Offer Clarity, FTC Commissioner Argues
Judge: Statements About Dominion On Fox Were False, Trial To Start April 17
From Blockbuster To Rube Goldberg: The Evolution Of Viewer Privacy
WFA Names Co-Chairs For Planet Pledge
NC Policy Watch Is Rebranded As NC Newsline