• One For The Record Books: Long, Long Ad Promotes Long Flight
    Calling Guinness: If this isn't a world record for the world's longest commercial, I'd like to know what is.Emirates launched a nonstop flight from Dubai to São Paulo in October. The first-ever direct flight between the Middle East and South America lasts 14 hours and 40 minutes, the same amount of time the airline's nonstop advertisement lasts.
  • Fish Used As Bait -- And Dinner -- To Reel In Prospective Boat Buyers
    If you catch it, someone else will prepare it. Should this campaign be subtitled BYOF (bring your own fish)? Beginning next year, Triumph Boats is moving a portion of its ad dollars normally allocated to large boat shows toward a smaller, more grassroots effort.
  • Credit Union Teases Another Campaign Against Big Banks
    Who or what could possibly be hated by a bank? Rather than responding, "The line forms to the left," Houston residents were left shaking their heads at an outdoor teaser campaign that simply stated, "Banks hate us."
  • Philips Electronics Simplifies Shopping With Another Non-Intrusive Campaign
    Philips Electronics is a company that produces marketing strategies that are heavy on brand recall, light on intrusive ads. Sounds impossible, but let's begin with a walk down memory lane....
  • Health Net Makes Documentary-Style Case For Its Customer Service
    Cutting through the clutter that is healthcare ads is no easy feat; many have tried, few have succeeded to differentiate themselves from similar creative that tends to highlight particular plan benefits and pricing structures.
  • Open Book Toronto Proves Fake Ads Can Really Work
    Open Book Toronto, a group that supports local books and authors in Ontario, launched a month-long nontraditional campaign to drive users to its Web site using a literary theme, fake ads, and, of course, humor.
  • Seed-Packet Campaign Grows Two Kinds Of Green
    Have you ever seen a business card with the potential to grow both business AND greenery? Lush Lawn and Property Enhancement, an upstart Michigan-based tree-removal and landscape company, decided to give a little something back when it designed business cards to be distributed to prospective clients: grass.
  • Spin The Hair Product Bottle
    Redken put a twist on the game Spin the Bottle in support of its Urban Experiment line of hair products.
  • Food Fight! General Mills Combines Play And Nutrition Info
    Many people believe that to eat healthfully, one must sacrifice flavor, taste and quantity. Not so, says General Mills. The company created a Web site and online game that lets users get dirty and check out hundreds of easy-to-make recipes that are healthy and delicious.
  • Intel is the Latest Tech Company to Make I.T. Cool
    It's not easy working in the IT department -- but it's all too easy to mock and stereotype techies in movies and TV shows. Intel launched two Web films late this summer hoping to add humor to an otherwise unglamorous (to most) industry.
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