MediaDailyNews Editions for August 2022
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022
ANA To Engage Even More Responsibly: Taps Ogilvy, BBB To Combat Hate Speech
California Passes Bill Restricting Data Collection From Minors
Superlawyers Are Super Heroes In TV's Court Shows
Writer Plans Print-Only Magazine For Backpackers
FTC Lacks Valid Grounds To Challenge 'Supernatural' Purchase, Meta Tells Court
Samsung TV Plus Rebranded, Sees Growth In Viewing Hours
Social Media Makes Good: 9 Happy Dogs
Trump's Truth Social Delayed For Release In Google Play Store
The Anti-Instagram Says It's Time To BeReal
The Physical Foundations Of Friendship
Confirming, Fact-Checking A Story - Just Give It Less Visibility? What Would TV Nets Do?
Streaming Subscriber Revenue Projected To Rise 32% By 2024, Slowdown To Follow
Meta Allows Users To Post NFTs On Instagram And Facebook
'Washington Post' Mulls Staff Reduction: Report
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022
Netflix Ad-Supported Option Could Cost $7 To $9 A Month: Report
Kyncl Steps Down At YouTube, Succeeded By Google's Coe
NBC Prime-Time Cutback Leaves Loyal Affiliates In The Lurch
Auto-Optimized Audiences: 3 Things You Need To Know
In First Broadcast Ads, FreshDirect Goes Straight For The Foodies
FTC Sues Kochava Over Sale Of Location Data
Appeals Court Revives Ad-Tech Company's Antitrust Claims Against Google
'The Bear' Cooks Up A Feast Of Tasty Television
Streaming - No Big Deal? Look At What NBC Is Considering
The Lie Detector: Researchers Say They Can Prevent Belief In Fake News
Florida Seeks To Halt Paid Government Notices In Newspapers
AI And Content Creation: The Coming Content Avalanche
Inflation Toll: 26% Of Americans Have Cut Back On SVOD, Pay TV
Microsoft Ads Extends RSA Migration Date, Again
Twitter Whistleblower Subpoenaed By Elon Musk's Legal Team
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Aug. 29, 2022
What's Next For Jill Metcalf?: Long-Term Transformation Of Dentsu Media Shops
NBC Considers Reducing Prime Time By 1 Hour
GroupM Warns Of Slowdown By 'Digital Endemic' Advertisers
QAnon Conspiracy Promoters Find New Home On 'Truth Social'
Psychiatry Drama Is Life-Or-Death Faceoff Between Patient And Doctor
Is Brand Vs. Performance Media An Outdated Construct?
New Multitasking Conundrum: Watching 4 TV Live Streams, Spots At The Same Time
Movie Theaters Offering $3 Tickets On Labor Day: 'National Cinema Day'
Meta Ad Message: 'We Connect Beyond Boundaries'
Facebook Settles Privacy Lawsuit Over Cambridge Analytica Data Grab
Meta Users Seek Court Order Prohibiting Tracking On Hospital Sites
Zuckerberg Admits Using Ranking Algorithm To Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop News
FCC To Investigate Location Privacy Disclosures
Ring This: Amazon's 'Candid Camera' Spin On Doorbell TV
News, Travel & Politics Lead In Global Ad-Spend Growth During Q2
Vibenomics Marketplace Lets Competitors Collaborate, Support In-Store Retail Media
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Aug. 26, 2022
Nielsen Delays Use Of Big Data For 'Transaction Purposes'
Perception Vs. Reality
Meta Begins Rollout Of Metaverse ID System
GSTV Transitions To 'EVTV,' Begins Charging Station Rollout
Late-Night Ice Cream Fling: Child's Play Or Just Comedy?
Peloton Cuts Marketing, CTV Subscription Revenue Rises 36%
As Losses Top $1.2 Billion, Peloton Turns To Amazon For Help
Google Revises Approach To Search Results Related To Abortion
Fox News' Carlson, Hannity To Be Deposed For Dominion Lawsuit
Advocacy Groups Press Pelosi To Hold Vote On Privacy Bill
Amazon Shuts Down Healthcare Service: Rare Failure -- Or Strategic Move?
John Malone: Are Streamers Packaging Like Cable?
Everyone Looks Alike To Today's Lookalikes
Edmunds Parodies Car Commercials
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Aug. 25, 2022
Lionsgate Taps Horizon As Media Agency Of Record, Cites Proprietary Data Platform
Cinema Ad Network NCM To Be Measured By iSpot
All The News Fit For Subs
HBO, Larry David Plot New 'Curb' Season
Semantic Targeting Platform Semasio Licenses Misinformation Data
Google 'Pre-bunking' Cartoon Videos Show Promise For Countering Misinformation
CTV Fraudsters Targeting Millions Of Internet-Connected Devices: DoubleVerify
OMG/Yahoo: When Consumers Pay Attention To Ads, When They Don't
Political Advertising: Social Media Loses Ground, While CTV Gains
Andrew Tate Officially Banned From Most Major Social Media Platforms
John Malone: Are Streamers Packaging Like Cable?
NBC's Peacock: Next-Day Airings Of Shows For NBC TV Network, Bravo Programs
Marginalized Communities Get Unequal News Coverage, Philly Study Finds
Commemorating The Golden Age Of Streaming
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022
GroupM Sees eCommerce Slowdown, Says It Will Impact Advertising And Media Spending
Havas Names OpenX 'Preferred' Supplier, Cites Path To Net Zero
Definition Of Television Is Simple Enough To Encompass Everything
Harmelin Promotes Vitale To VP-Programmatic
Amazon-DirecTV Deal For NFL 'Thursday Night Football' In Bars, Restaurants
Amazon Upgrades Ad Partner Status For Select Companies
a16z Invests $56 Million In 'Ready Player Me' Metaverse Avatar Platform
Is Twitter In Deep Trouble?
CTV Fraudsters Targeting Millions Of Internet-Connected Devices: DoubleVerify
Fox News' Fox Nation Wants More Female Viewers: How About A Movie?
Six-Point Checklist To Transform Conversation Power
Facebook Agrees To $37.5M Location Privacy Settlement
Kagan: Ad-Supported Tiers May Cannibalize Netflix, Disney+ Full-Price Subs
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022
Human Avatar Developer Moves Into News, Enables Anyone To Have Their Own 'Anchor'
Netflix To Skip Ads In Kids' Programming, New Movies On Ad-Supported Tier
Two Stars Buy A Welsh Soccer Team And Make A Whole Docuseries About It
Discovery+ Debuts CNN Originals Hub As CNN Begins Remake
2022 National TV Movie Spending Down 27% So Far Vs. 2019
'House Of The Dragon' Sets Record HBO New Series Debut: 10M Viewers
Is 'Evil' A Great Supernatural Comedy Or A Great Procedural Horror Story?
YouTube Launches Podcast Page For U.S. Users
Yandex Sells News Service To Russian Investors, Focuses On Search
Children's Ad Guidelines Apply In Metaverse, Watchdog Says
Apple's Next Big Move: Serving Up Ads In Apps?
Hustle And Flow: Adam Neumann's Next New Thing
Brands Selling On Amazon May Reduce Ad Spend Based On Added Fees
Media Professionals Disconnected From Consumers' Views On Protecting Data, IAS Study Finds
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Aug. 22, 2022
Big Ten Drops ESPN: Inks Record Deal With CBS, NBC/Peacock, Fox
Prime Time
Higher Sports Rights Fees: Not Slowing Down On Linear TV -- Or Streaming
Hustle And Flow: Adam Neumann's Next New Thing
Snapchat Unleashes Dragons With HBO Max's 'House of the Dragon' AR Filters
Science Guy Nye Warns: The End Is Near!
Real Housewives Take To The Field In New Campaign For DirecTV
Hulu: Pitfall Of Serving Too Many Of The Same Commercials Repeatedly
Cineworld Group Mulls Bankruptcy: Low Movie Admission, Too Few Blockbusters
In First-Ever Brand Ads, Rite Aid Aims For 'Radical Empathy'
Apple Debuts Podcast Popularity Charts
Streaming Ads: Relevance Offsets Load -- Up To A Point
'USA Today' Joins With The Weather Channel, Tripadvisor To Offer Subscription Bundles
VidMob Secures $110 Million In Series D Financing
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Aug. 19, 2022
Out-of-Home Advertising Essentially Recovers, Approaches Previous Record
TikTok Introduces New Suite Of Shopping Ads
It's The Oxygen, Stupid
Dentsu's Carat Retains Vodafone Assignment After Review
Despite Rapid Ad Growth, Amazon Remains An Also-Ran Among Local Ad Buyers
Ad Firms Launch Consumer Behavior Lab
VMLY&R Selects Grodberg As Global Chief Strategy Officer
American Eagle Uses Music For New TikTok, Metaverse Efforts
The New Recession Playbook: Rethinking What Hardworking Media Really Is
Yes, You Need To Upgrade How You Audit Your Media Investment
Yahoo Taps Comscore To Expand CTV Brand Safety Tools, Contextual Abilities
Google's New Ranking Algorithm Wants Content Written For Humans
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022
Havas Puts Its Programmatic Money Where Its Carbon Is, Names PubMatic A Preferred SSP
Brand Fetterman: Pennsylvania Democrat Is Running A Campaign For The Ages
Agency Communications Vet Brenton Returns To Agency-Side, Joins IPG Mediabrands
Netflix Taking 'No Frills' Approach To Ad-Supported Tier
By My Estimate, Mobile Is Approaching Half Of All Ad Spending
Enter The 'Dragon': 'Game Of Thrones' Prequel Poised For Battle
It's All Good Man: Six Remarkable Seasons Of 'Better Call Saul'
Fake Lawyer Ad Promos Disney+ 'She-Hulk'
Streaming Surpasses Linear Viewing For The First Time
Google Not Liable For Links To Defamatory Content, Search Engine Is Not A 'Publisher'
The New Recession Playbook: Rethinking What Hardworking Media Really Is
Political Ad Records This Season? More Coming In 2024
More Than Half Of Top Streamer Subscribers Are Single-Program Viewers
Let's Go Boldly Into The Metaverse
An Ode To Email (And Yes, It Rhymes)
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