• Lincoln Project Ridicules Trump's Tulsa Performance In New Ad
    "Trump's got a size problem," the LP stated in a release accompanying the ad. "It's not growing, in fact, it's shrinking. And the whole world saw. We're talking about Donald Trump's crowds, of course."
  • Better Late Than Never: Deutsch LA Dumps CCO 5 Years After Writing Racist Memo
    In some ways, the incident serves as a textbook case of the kind of systemic racism that exists in the industry and groups like 600 & Rising and others are now trying to eradicate.
  • 600 & Rising's #CommitToChange Campaign
    The campaign is designed to create a standard for collecting industry diversity data agency by agency and provide a platform for agencies to articulate a vision of a more diverse future.
  • Black Ad Professionals Form 600 & Rising, Partners With 4A's To Stamp Out Industry Racism
    The organizations are developing a 90-day timetable for enacting diversity and inclusion reforms across the industry.
  • Following IPG's Lead Others Consider Releasing Workforce Racial Data
    In a first, Interpublic last week disclosed the racial makeup of its senior level and professional workforce. Now, other holding companies and agencies are preparing to make, or at least are contemplating, similar moves.
  • How Adland Is Commemorating Juneteenth
    A growing number of holding companies and agencies are commemorating the day with programs or time off. Most states recognize the day as an official holiday or special day of observance. The federal government does not, despite growing calls that it be declared a national holiday.
  • IPG Takes A Meaningful Step On The Transparency Front
    IPG's unprecedented decision Friday to release certain EEOC data may not be a complete report card on efforts to diversify, but it does help measure progress or the lack of it.
  • Virtual Cannes Lions Gathering Is Just Around The Corner
    Seems like ages ago that the in-person event was cancelled, but a virtual version including a few special awards and lots of inspiring conversation is taking place June 22-26.
  • Second Story Adapts To New Reality By Helping Clients Do Just That
    The experiential agency has launched a new operation focused on innovative work in spaces like zero-touch technology to help get clients up and running again. The pivot has saved jobs at the agency.
  • Periscope's Mea Culpa And Commitment To Change
    The Minneapolis agency has looked inward and found that it has fallen short on the diversity and inclusion front. It's well-positioned to be a catalyst for momentous change.
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