• YouTube Rethinks Live Video Monetization
    Fighting back against Facebook's live video efforts, YouTube is expanding its live-streaming service. Now, mobile live streaming has been built directly into the YouTube mobile app.
  • Is Snap Thinking Beyond Ads?
    Why is Snap, Inc. calling itself a "camera company"? Perhaps because it doesn't want to rely solely on advertising for its financial well being, suggests Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser.
  • Is Mobile Search Cannibalizing Google's Core Search Business?
    Along with the continued strength of YouTube, Alphabet in January credited mobile search with driving fourth-quarter revenue. Yet analysts are not sure whether mobile search is necessarily growing the fortunes of Google's parent company.
  • Internet-Connected TV Penetration Reaches 74%
    The television is becoming part of the Internet of Things in a big way, in addition to the smartphone and all the new Internet-connected home gadgetry, such as small appliances or remote switches.
  • 25 Million More Voice Assistants Coming This Year; Amazon, Google Dominate
    Voice assistants are coming in a big way. This year, 25 million devices will be shipped, bringing the total number of voice-first devices to 33 million in circulation, based on a new study by VoiceLabs.
  • Forecast: U.S. Mobile Ad Spend Will More Than Double By 2021
    By 2021, U.S. annual mobile ad spending will reach $72 billion, according to a fresh forecast from BIA/Kelsey. That's up from $33 billion last year, by the research firm's reckoning. If accurate, mobile ad spending will see a 17% compound annual growth rate through 2021.
  • Average On-Target Percentage For Mobile Campaigns Equals Desktop
    While desktop ads have historically had higher on-target percentages for reaching their intended audience than mobile, advertisers have made significant strides in closing the gap in recent years.
  • Mobile Fake Clicks (Click Injection) Forecast To Take Spotlight In 2017
    Click-injection fraud, also known as fake clicks that can appear as "legitimate advertising interactions to marketing analytics systems," is forecast to become a major form of mobile marketing fraud in 2017.
  • Instagram Tests Full-Screen, Auto-Play Video Ads
    In the coming weeks, Instagram users can expect to start seeing full-screen, "sound-on," auto-play ads in Stories. "We are unveiling an initial test of immersive, full-screen ads in Stories with targeting, reach and measurement capabilities," a company spokeswoman said on Wednesday.
  • Holiday Shopping Done, Mobile Moves To NRF Show And Onto The Next Year
    The holidays were good for mobile commerce, with consumers active in using their smartphones and tablets for visiting Web sites and making purchases. As a final holiday post mortem, Adobe Insights has tallied an impressive number of stats from the entire holiday shopping season.
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