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Monday, July 7, 2008
  • Get Loopt: Social Mapping Service Promotes Itself

    Loopt kicks off a promotional campaign today targeting tech-savvy young consumers with a series of Webisodes blending comedy and product placement to build brand ... Read the whole story

  • Yahoo/Google Pact: What's A Search Marketer To Do?

    By now we are all aware that paid search is a dynamic and competitive business, but every so often we are reminded just how Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Rolls Out 'Secret Search' Program In Australia

    Ninemsn, Microsoft's joint venture with PBL Media in Australia, has rolled out "Secret Search," a promotion in which Internet users can win prizes in ... Read the whole story

  • Travel Ad Network Packs A Punch

    The Travel Ad Network has passed Travelocity in reach, as a total share of the travel category, thus becoming the first non-online travel agency ... Read the whole story

  • Privacy Advocates To Google: Told You So

    For years, privacy advocates have said that Google retains more information about its users than is wise. Now, some advocates say that a decision ... Read the whole story

  • Forrester: B2B Blogging Takes Nose Dive

    The number of business-to-business firms to begin blogging last year plummeted compared with 2006 as corporate bloggers ran into roadblocks stemming from a misalignment ... Read the whole story

  • Alchemy: Email Marketing Favors Longer Subject Line

    A London email marketing agency is all about more. It argues against conventional wisdom, claiming shorter subject lines work best for email marketing campaigns. ... Read the whole story