• How Does Email Work As A Performance-Based Advertising Channel?
    Email marketing has always focused on performance. Early on, marketers began tracking and improving performance in terms of opens, clicks, and -- ultimately -- ROI. In many ways, standalone email advertising remained a different story. Still, this medium has great potential to fit in with the performance-based media buys many agencies and brands prefer.
  • Data, Data Everywhere -- But Where's the Marketing Performance?
    The explosion in digital and emerging media channels has brought a huge volume of rich, but complex, data sources. With big data comes the promise of better decision-making information and measurement of marketing performance. A recent study by the Columbia Business School and NYAMA found that 91% of senior corporate marketers believe that successful brands use customer data to drive marketing decisions, improve marketing performance and increase customer acquisition.
  • Five Ways The Ghostbusters Can Improve Your Online Marketing
    "Ghostbusters" is one of my all-time favorite movies. It has everything: ghosts, a giant marshmallow man and a song from Ray Parker Jr. that sounds suspiciously like a Huey Lewis song. The film was certainly ahead of its time, but not just in terms of combining special effects and comedy. If you look a little closer, you can see that Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston also gave examples on how to improve your online marketing performance. That's pretty impressive, considering the movie came out in 1984! Let's take a look at the five ways the Ghostbusters can help improve your ...
  • Optimize Your Company LinkedIn Page: Tips For Bringing In Leads
    It's no secret that LinkedIn company pages are an excellent social channel for B2B marketers -- especially if you take certain steps to ensure you're optimizing your company's page to its full potential. As of February, there were more than 150 million active LinkedIn users, more than 2 million LinkedIn company pages, and more than 1 million LinkedIn groups. Professionals actively research and discuss their respective industries on LinkedIn, making it a terrific outlet to introduce your brand to prospective customers while keeping current ones updated and educated. So how do you get an edge on your competitors? It starts ...
  • Moneyball And Media
    Whether or not you’ve seen the "Moneyball” movie or read Michael Lewis’ terrific book, you surely know the basic premise: a small-budget team beats the big boys by analyzing the data that really matters, rather than relying on the established stats the others continue to use.  Billy Beane, Paul DePodesta and others used new measures like Wins Above Replacement and OPS to find price/value players and win more games than the pundits expected from low-spending teams.  Beane and his upstart protégés effectively applied Apple’s “Think Different” maxim and shook up a sedentary world. A growing number of smart marketers are ...
  • Getting New Customers In This Endless Recession
    We all know the script now, don't we? The latest financial crisis comes, the markets overreact, the politicians throw up their hands, and the consumers hide under the bed and stop spending. Then the marketers try to figure out how to grow while their staffs and budgets are being cut for the second time in three years. Not a recipe for a happy ending -- or for holding on to your CMO position.
  • The Delicate Dance Of Lead-Gen On Emerging Platforms
    Given the popularity and frequency at which social/mobile applications emerge, we've reached a point where it's assumed that when a new platform is introduced, opportunities for marketers to leverage the platform should be in place at launch. In theory, this makes sense: after all, the only thing you need to do to generate a potential lead on Facebook is to click that "like" button. What's not quite as clear is the role that emerging platforms play in attracting customers.
  • Tips For Mobile Lead Generation
    It's no secret -- smartphone adoption won't be slowing down anytime soon. And as advances in mobile technology bring these devices closer to the experience provided by the standard computer, there will be an opportunity for marketers to bring consumers richer advertising experiences. Through the power of mobile applications or clever use of the mobile web, marketers will have several channels to try and generate solid leads. But before you launch that next campaign, perhaps take the tips below into account.
  • Social Media Delivers -- But Multichannel Integration Delivers More
    Without question, social media is proving itself increasingly valuable as a way to reach out to and connect with consumers. Plus, it's easy to measure and provides nearly instant gratification -- for both our online audience and for us as marketers, too. Does that mean you should be focusing solely on social media for lead generation?
  • Putting It All Into Context
    What state of mind are you in when you read your favorite news source, check sports scores, or gossip sites? What about when you are in the market for something (could be a car, could be a new recipe for dinner, information on health matters, whatever) or when you just need to connect, to feel like the people, places and opinions that matter most to you are close and accessible? Despite all the digital analytics, it's surmising your state of mind that is the ultimate goal: are you searching car sites because you are in market or because you just ...
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