• California Privacy Proposal Poised To Advance
    Voters in California could decide this November whether to approve a ballot initiative that would allow them to wield control over their data.
  • House Holds 'Stupid And Ridiculous' Hearing About Big Tech
    "The notion that social media is somehow censoring conservative folks is ridiculous," Rep. Ted Lieu (D-California) said this morning.
  • Americans Don't Want Government To Censor Fake News
    "When asked to choose between the U.S. government taking action to restrict false news online in ways that could also limit Americans' information freedoms, or protecting those freedoms even if it means false information might be published, Americans fall firmly on the side of protecting freedom," the Pew Research Center writes in a study released Thursday.
  • Republicans Accuse Zuckerberg Of Left-Wing Bias
    "There are a great many Americans who I think are deeply concerned that Facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship," Sen. Ted Cruz told Mark Zuckerberg this week.
  • Zuckerberg Issues Mea Culpa, But Concerns Persist
    "We didn't focus enough on preventing abuse and thinking through how people could use these tools to do harm," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.
  • ANA: Industry Should Strengthen Privacy Rights
    "Our collective ecosystem can disappoint -- and, in certain instances, it materially fails us," the ANA says.
  • House Panel Wants Zuckerberg To Testify
    Lawmakers say they will take up Mark Zuckerberg on his offer to testify about Facebook's most recent privacy fiasco.
  • FEC Proposes New Rules For Online Ad Disclosures
    More than one year after the last presidential election, the Federal Election Commission is inching forward with plans to craft new rules for online political ads.
  • Judge Urges Trump To Mute, Not Block, Twitter Critics
    "Isn't the answer that he just mutes the person he finds personally offensive?" U.S. District Court Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald asked at a hearing Thursday morning.
  • AT&T Claims Open Internet Rules Hinder Telemedicine, Connected Cars
    "I think we can all agree that the packets directing autonomous cars, robotic surgeries or public safety communications must not drop. Ever," AT&T's Bob Quinn writes.
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