• FCC Counsel Defends Plan To Tinker With Web Publishers' Legal Protections
    When Ajit Pai took over as FCC chairman, he promised to "fire up the weed whacker" and dismantle the previous administration's regulations. But his deregulatory approach doesn't apply to content moderation.
  • FCC Chief Aims To Regulate How Websites Handle Users' Speech
    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says he wants to "clarify" a 24-year-old law that protects internet companies from liability for decisions about how to treat content created by users.
  • Facebook, Following Google, To Ban Political Ads After Polls Close
    "We plan to temporarily stop running all social issue, electoral or political ads in the US after the polls close on November 3, to reduce opportunities for confusion or abuse," Facebook says.
  • Amazon Prevails In Lawsuit Over Teen's Overdose On Caffeine Powder
    Ohio's highest court unanimously ruled Amazon was not responsible for the death of a teen who ingested a fatal overdose of caffeine powder sold on the company's marketplace as a "pre-workout" supplement.
  • Facebook Fails To Prevent PACs From Lying In Ads
    The pro-Trump political action committee "America First Action" recently paid Facebook nearly $300,000 to spread 450 untruthful ads about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, according to a new report.
  • FCC Urged To Reject 'Digital Authoritarianism,' Dismiss Petition For Social Media Rules
    Moving forward with President Trump's planned crackdown on social media platforms would send the wrong message about censorship, the Consumer Technology Association told the FCC Thursday.
  • Portland Bans Facial-Recognition Technology
    Come January, private companies in Portland, Oregon will no longer be allowed to use facial-recognition technology in stores, parks, and other places of public accommodation, under an ordinance passed unanimously by city lawmakers this week.
  • Apple Delays Anti-Tracking Move As It Touts Privacy In New iPhone Ad
    Apple said Thursday it will delay rolling out a setting that would have prevented app developers from tracking iPhone users without their explicit consent.
  • Trump's Social Media Crackdown Violates Free Speech, Voter Groups Say
    "It is unlawfully retaliatory and coercive, sending a clear and chilling message: question President Trump and face retribution from the entire Executive Branch," Rock the Vote and other groups say in a new lawsuit.
  • Trump Tells Supreme Court He Has Right To Block Critics
    "Although President Trump is currently a public official, the @realDonaldTrump account belongs to him in his personal capacity, not his official one," the Justice Department argues in a petition seeking Supreme Court review.
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