• Michigan Should Revoke Restrictions On Ads By Big-Box Retailers, Industry Argues
    Six ad industry groups, including the IAB and 4As, are now asking Michigan's governor to revoke a ban on certain types of ads.
  • IAB Touts Ad Targeting In Fight Against COVID-19
    "Through news and digital advertising mediums, the advertising industry has provided great societal benefit by serving as a megaphone that amplifies coronavirus information and messaging," IAB vp for policy David Grimaldi told lawmakers. "Without data-driven advertising, these messages would be costly and far less effective."
  • In Shift, Google Will Allow Political Ads Related To COVID-19
    The move comes shortly after liberal digital ad shop DSPolitical publicly complained that Google was giving President Trump "an unprecedented advantage in our upcoming elections" by banning Democratic ads related to the outbreak.
  • Facebook Asks Supreme Court To Turn Away Hamas Victims
    Numerous judges have "rejected efforts to hold online service providers liable for the allegedly harmful effects of third-party content," Facebook tells the Supreme Court.
  • Government Plan To Fight COVID-19 Could Result In 'Wholesale Privacy Invasion,' Senator Warns
    "I urge you to balance privacy with any data-driven solutions to the current public health crisis," Sen. Ed Markey said in a letter to the White House.
  • California AG Flip-Flops On Proposed Privacy Rules
    The newest round of proposed regulations to the California Consumer Privacy Act includes some revisions that privacy advocates had sought.
  • Tech Industry, Digital Rights Advocates Blast 'EARN It' Act
    The EARN IT Act, introduced Thursday, could give tech companies an incentive to ban end-to-end encryption and other privacy technologies.
  • California Privacy Law Could Become More Business-Friendly, Watchdogs Say
    New proposed regulations "are largely a step backwards for protecting consumers' privacy, particularly in terms of consumers' attempting to stop the sale of their information," the Electronic Frontier Foundation, ACLU and other watchdogs say.
  • Maine Privacy Battle Could Shape Nationwide Laws
    "If the ISPs win this First Amendment argument, it's difficult to see how we're ever going to have any kind of privacy law in the United States," Public Knowledge's Harold Feld says.
  • Senate Democrat Wants To Create New Privacy Agency
    "Your very existence is being parsed, split, and sold to the highest bidder, and there is very little you -- or anyone, including the federal government -- can do about it," Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says.
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