• Papa John's Keeps The Pizza Party Going
    America's still not sick of pandemic pizza. Papa John's just announced a 24% increase in same-store sales in its third quarter.
  • How Dunkin' Powers Its Loyalty And Delivery Biz
    Two Dunkin' execs explain how the QSR chain used loyalty efforts and expanded delivery to drive growth.
  • Study: QSR Apps Rule, As Demand For Digital Orders Tops 70%
    Consumers may be gradually recovering their pre-COVID appetite, but they're clamoring for more safety and convenience from restaurant brands.
  • Starbucks Takes Major Step Toward Diversity
    Starbucks is making changes to its hiring policies, linking executive compensation to improvements in inclusion efforts.
  • In A Pizza-Driven World, Domino's Keeps Dominating
    America continues to rely on pepperoni's magical powers to get through the pandemic, with Domino's U.S. sales rising 17.5%.
  • Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Tempt Consumers With Prime Rib Ventures
    Carl's Jr. and Hardee's are promoting new sandwiches with a flashy get-rich-quick ad campaign.
  • Domino's Dials Into Garbage Guilt
    The pizza giant is introducing local details on pizza-box recycling.
  • Dave & Buster's Tries New Ads, But Can 'Eatertainment' Be Saved?
    Dave & Buster's, more battered than most by the pandemic, is pouring on the marketing muscle, introducing its first-ever national ad campaign.
  • After 6 Months Of Home Cooking, Will America Race Back To Restaurants?
    How pent-up demand will balance lingering Covid-19 concerns and financial worries is still unclear. NPD's David Portalatin shares his outlook.
  • Savoring A Well-Earned Love Letter To Restaurants
    Longing for a restaurant meal, yet dreading the risks that come with it? National Restaurant Association launches ad campaign meant to tempt you back.
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