• FCC Passes Broadband Privacy Rules, Prohibits Behavioral Advertising By ISPs Without Opt-In Consent
    Broadband providers must obtain consumers' opt-in consent before drawing on their browsing history or app usage for ad targeting, under new rules passed Thursday by the Federal Communications Commission.
  • FCC's New Privacy Proposal: ISPs Must Obtain Opt-In Consent To Target People Based On Web Browsing History
    Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has refined his proposal for broadband privacy rules, but the new plan could still restrict providers' ability to send targeted ads to subscribers. The new proposal calls for Internet service providers to obtain users' affirmative consent before using data about their "sensitive" activity for ad targeting purposes. The FCC is defining sensitive to include broad array of material, including not only geo-location information, health information, financial information and social security numbers, but also Web browsing history, app usage history and contents of communications (like the text of emails). Currently, the ad industry doesn't ...