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Tuesday, May 3, 2016
  • Flattry Will Get You Nowhere: Blocker Joins Micropayer To Bypass Ads

    In the rapidly shape-shifting world of digital advertising and content gatekeepers, one of the world's most distributed ad-blocking platforms has teamed up with a … Read the whole story

  • ThinkVine Teams Up With LiveRamp On Online-To-Offline Measurement

    Marketers are consistently challenged to directly connect how online ads facilitate offline purchases. A new partnership between LiveRamp, a provider of data connectivity, and … Read the whole story

  • NYT Announces New VR Shows, Lab For 'Advancing Boundaries Of Narrative'

    The New York Times Co. announced new virtual reality shows, video programming, and Times Story[X], a lab of journalists, creators and technologists, at its … Read the whole story

  • BuzzFeed Pushes 'Tasty' Network, Custom Brand Vids At NewFront

    At BuzzFeed's "Welcome to the Feast" NewFront event Monday, the new media company pitched advertisers to sponsor its shows, integrate with its content or … Read the whole story