Real-Time Daily
Monday, May 9, 2016
  • Is 100% Viewability 100% Necessary? Maybe Not

    Goodway Group, a managed-services programmatic media firm, on Monday released a white paper whose findings run counter to the industry's 100% viewability standard. Findings … Read the whole story

  • RadiumOne's Dimitri Vaynblat On Key Data Challenges

    Marketers and publishers all want first-party data. But what are the most important things they're asking about that data? Real-Time Daily checked in with … Read the whole story

  • Italian Publisher Blogo Will Use AppNexus Publisher Suite To Monetize Inventory

    AppNexus announced that Milan-based publisher Blogo will use the AppNexus Publisher Suite to offer its ad inventory across all demand channels and screens. Read the whole story

  • XAd Gets New Chief Product Officer

    Location intel platform xAd announced a new chief product officer -- Google and Yahoo alum Shashi Seth -- as well as 100% year-over-year revenue … Read the whole story