Research Intelligencer Editions for February 2019
Research Intelligencer - Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019
MediaCom, Horizon Dominate 2018 New Media Biz In U.S.
Publicis Media Wins 2018 Net New Biz Race: +$3.201 Billion
2018's Most Awarded Campaign: Havas' Palau Pledge
Nielsen's Q4 Revenues Drop, Rebrands Main Business
Study: Consumers Prefer Email For Complaining To Brands
Email Pulls High Promotion Redemption Rates, Study Finds
Research Intelligencer - Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019
Marketers Give Mixed Grades On Listening For Data Signals, Struggle To See Customers As 'Humans'
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Location Data Platform Puts Money Where Its Mouth Is, Guarantees Campaign Delivery
Research Intelligencer - Monday, Feb. 25, 2019
Automotive Leads In Brand Content Effectiveness, 'Media' Performs Below Average
Number Of Indispensable Brands Falls To 23% Worldwide, 'Meaningful' Content Rises
We Are All Frauds: The Way We Advertise Does Not Work (Says Havas)
Study Finds Disconnect Between Consumers And Retailers
Forrester: Why Brick-And-Mortar Is Failing Luxury
U.S. Ad Spending Starts 2019 On Down Note, 3% Decline May Be First January Decline Ever
Research Intelligencer - Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019
Global Ad Consensus Remains Unchanged, But Check Out WARC's Digital Forecast
Nielsen Buys Sorenson, Accelerates Addressable Ad Business
Email Is Most-Used Lead-Gen Channel, But Not Seen As The Best, Study Finds
The Click Generation: Teens More Likely To Accept Email Ads
Millennials Show Less Loyalty To Banks
Research Intelligencer - Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019
It's Official: Digital Overtakes Traditional This Year, Amazon Remains Ascendant
Media Remains World's Most 'Intimate' Brands Category, Auto Ranks No. 2
Left Wins Midterms, Media Trust Too
IAB Europe Responds To Evidence Its Ad System And Google Violate GDPR
B2B Advertising Is Boring Prospects, Study Finds
Millennials, Gen Z Favor Organic Products
Research Intelligencer - Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019
Mobile Traffic Poised To Reach A Zettabyte, And With It, Greater Share Of Internet
Forget Millennials and Gen Xer, It's Your Media Generation That Counts
Asian-Americans Next Focus For Marketers, Brands
Google Fights To Keep Information Accurate
Research Intelligencer - Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019
AI Projected To Be The 'Word' Of 2019, 'Transparency' Dominates 2018
'Blockchain' Most Overrated, 'Transparency' Most Important Words Of The Year
If Your Strategy Isn't About Data, You're Already Behind
Ads.txt Expose Proves There's No Perfect Solution To Fraud, Except Vigilance
Atlantic Re:Think Study Finds Millennial Media Not A Good Fit For Gen Z Audiences
Study: Talent Top Concern In Building In-House Media Ops
FreeWheel To Use Nielsen DMP For OTT, Digital Video Segments
Global Pay TV Services To See Slower Growth
Napping Retail: Brands Must Do A Better Job With Emails, Study Shows
Tackling Ad-to-In-Store Attribution Q&A With Placed's David Shim
Research Intelligencer - Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019
Ad Execs: 'Premium' Is Just Another Word For Nothing Better To Choose
A Funnel Thing Happened On The Way To A Converged Video Marketplace
Report Assesses TV Attribution Providers, Reveals 'Promise,' 'Confusion'
Analysts Signal Caution For 2019 Ad Outlook
Twitter Cost Per Ad Engagement Begins To Stabilize
Discover Card, Avis, Google Tops In Customer Loyalty
Research Intelligencer - Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019
Study Finds Number Of Brands Surging On Snapchat, But Most Are 'One-Offs'
Wall Street's Wieser Returns To Madison Avenue, This Time At GroupM
USA Today's Ad Meter: NFL's '100-Year Game' Ad Most Popular, Burger King's Warhol Spot Ranked Lowest
Super Bowl's In-Game Ad Revenues Drop
Influencer Study Puts Email Last In ROI
Images Feed Search More Than Text, Study Finds
Can Email Reach The LGBTQ+ Audience?
CW Drops In Prime-Time Viewers, Seeks Uniform Metrics
Research Intelligencer - Friday, Feb. 1, 2019
The Super Bowl's Retail Effect: $81 Per American Consumer
M&M's Most Biometrically Engaging Super Bowl LIII Teaser Ad, So Far
Online Views Of Super Bowl Content Highest In 5 Years
Study: Performance-Based Agency Pay On The Rise
Ad Industry Warns Of 'Negative Impact' From California Privacy Law
500 Websites Improved Trust Practices Through Rating Process
IoT Consumer Market Projected To Hit $104 Billion By 2023