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Monday, June 13, 2011
  • News Analysis: Google's AdMeld Deal

    Insiders speculate that Google has acquired the ad technology company AdMeld for an estimated $400 million, though AdMeld CEO Michael Barrett has not responded ... Read the whole story

  • Photography Key to Good Content Marketing

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Which is great when you've got lots of space to fill and don't have the resources to ... Read the whole story

  • Messenger, Messenger

    I am in Paris for some meetings coming off of Havas' all managers meeting (AMM) in Barcelona, where we met with Zaryn Dentzel, the ... Read the whole story

  • New Research Indicates Netflix Huge Among Important Target

    While there are plenty of so-called "hard-to-reach" demos that media buyers grapple with - be it avid teenage gamers or wealthy DVR fiends -- ... Read the whole story

  • Wisconsin Judge Allows Law Firm To Use Rival's Name To Trigger Search Ads

    A judge in Wisconsin appears to have given the greenlight to search marketers who want to use people's names to trigger pay-per-click ads. Milwaukee ... Read the whole story

  • Different Platforms, Different Ads

    There's little argument that mobile's time has come. According to Google, mobile searches make up anywhere from 5% to 12% of the total query ... Read the whole story

  • Brands Waste Budgets In Misdirected Attribution, Media Buys

    Between 36% and 60% of companies' digital advertising revenue could be at risk for misguided media buys. That's according to a ClearSaleing study of ... Read the whole story

  • Android Location-Tracking Research Spurs Privacy Suits

    Google was hit this week with the latest in a string of potential class-action lawsuits stemming from Android's location-tracking capabilities. Read the whole story