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Friday, October 7, 2011
  • App Turns Roofs Into Billboards On Google Earth, Maps

    Phillips & Co has developed a branding and advertising platform that turns rooftops into billboards. The app, Blue Marble, allows brands to place a ... Read the whole story

  • Search -- Out, Discovery -- In

    In the mid '90s, webmasters started to optimize their site so that when a search engine had sent its "spider" to crawl the page, ... Read the whole story

  • Google+1 Goes Critical, But Not In A Good Way

    I was in Minneapolis' Mall of America and happened to wander by the new Microsoft store. The layout, the look and the feel were ... Read the whole story

  • Media Researcher: Networks Avoid Gaming Platforms At Their Peril

    It's not clear how many network executives come home after a long day and turn on the Xbox for some "Mortal Kombat." Best guess: ... Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Targets Interactive Ads To Xbox TV Content

    Microsoft in December will begin rolling out 30-second ads in television content appearing on Xbox Live. The targeted, dynamic ads will serve up in ... Read the whole story

  • Mag Bag: A Tablet Research Bonanza

    Advertising Week has triggered an outpouring of tablet research and guides galore from industry organizations and research firms. Here is a quick roundup of ... Read the whole story