Search Marketing Daily Editions for March 2013
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, March 29, 2013
Why Brands Should Think 'Made In The U.S.A.' For Local Search Marketing
Three Reasons Why eBay Is Wrong About Paid Search
Google Glass Tag To Read 'Made In The U.S.A.'
Google Shopping Express Shows Pattern To Ecommerce Marketplace
Brands May Spend More On Yahoo Due To Tech Patents
Bing Gains Klout
Five Lessons Search Can Teach Display
YP Teams With Yext On Listings Service
Retail Surveillance Is About To Make Your Online Targeting Seem A Lot Less Creepy
Social Components Boost Email Campaigns
Google Draws Line On "Sponsored Content"
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 28, 2013
What Events Will Influence Search Marketing Most In 2013?
DoubleClick Tools Down For Most Of Thursday, Ad Serving Unaffected
Psychological Priming And The Path To Purchase
Covario: Global Search Budgets Rise For Desktop, Mobile
How CRM Supports Customer Life Cycle
Microsoft Becomes Open Book, Launches Patent Search
SEO: The Hidden Treasures In Server Logs
Five Lessons Search Can Teach Display
Mobile Usage Is Rocketing Search Efforts
LinkedIn Makes Pitch For More Consumer Tech Ads
Ericsson Wants Microsoft's IPTV MediaRoom Biz
How Long Can You Go Without Looking At Your Mobile Phone Screen?
Backpage Wins Permanent Order Blocking Tennessee Sex-Trafficking Law
Google Draws Line On "Sponsored Content"
HookLogic Brings RTB To Retail Search Advertising
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 27, 2013
How The U.S. Failed The Middle Class; How It Will Influence Online Advertising
Search Budgets Rise For Mobile, Total Search Spend Flat
Narrow & Deep Or Wide & Shallow: How Does Your Tech Partner Roll?
Bing's Natural Voice Search On Track For Mobile
Demandbase Closes $15 Million In Funding, Adobe Investor
Optimization Imperative: The Path To Maximum Impact
GroupM: Internet Ad Spend Breaks Into 12 Figures
Hashtags Useful To Follow Interests, Brands
Google Pressures Sweden Over 'Ungoogleable'
Velti Rolls Out Mobile Ad Network
Twitter Ad Spend Forecast To Hit $1 Billion In 2014
Fast Cars And 1 Million YouTube Motor Channel Subscribers
SEO: The Hidden Treasures In Server Logs
What Convergence Means For Digital Video
How Company Folders Redesigned Web Site, Forms Drove Up Conversions
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Calculating The Worth Of Mobile Features
A Grave Mistake, RIP Google Reader
LinkedIn Improves Social Search
Google's Opt-Out Tool
Researcher Says OTT Viewers Want Their YouTube
Google Enhanced Campaigns Gets Keyword-Level URL Tagging
SEO: Tips For Getting Started
Customer Satisfaction Waning With Mobile Apps, Web Sites
As Contempt For Push Grows, Branded Content Rises
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, March 25, 2013
Marin Takes Company Public, Closes 2012 With Revs Up 65%
How To Combine Real-Life Events With Online Search Marketing Without Ruining Quality Scores
Starcom Builds 300 Data Points Into Search Discoverability Framework
LinkedIn Unveils Revamped Search
Yahoo Buys News Aggregator App Summly
Yieldex, DoubleClick Team To Enhance Publishers' Analytics, Performance
Eric Eichmann Joins Criteo As CRO
Initial 2013 Broadcast Spending Reflects Tough Comps With 2012, Digital Continues To Expand Share Of Agency Budgets
What Marketers Spent On Digital Budgets In 2012
comScore Formally Debuts Multi-Platform Ratings
iTunes, YouTube Tops With Online Entertainment Users
How To Optimize Videos For Search Results
Researcher Says OTT Viewers Want Their YouTube
National Brands Need To Market Local Or Bow To Small Business
Google Enforces Call Extensions For Paid-Search Ads
Looking For A Market Google Won't Dominate? Try K.C.
Beckman, Burkle Form Three Lions Entertainment
Can Online Video Content Create The Next Great Media Empire?
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, March 22, 2013
Happy Early Mother's Day
Google Follows Apple Into Wrist Tech
Rethinking Your Paid-Search Presence
Search Engine Marketing Prepares For A Makeover
Avoiding Paid-Search Testing Mistakes
AdWords Adding Fee For Phone Calls
AP Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Clipping Service
Google+ Adds Facebook-Inspired Photo Filter
Optimizing For The Last Impression
Native Video Ads Outperform Pre-Roll Ads
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 21, 2013
Knowledge Graph, Satori, and Unicorn
Kenshoo Integrates adMarketplace As A Search Channel
Multiple Devices Fragment Brand, Consumer Relationships
Apps Outpacing Browsers On Smartphones 7:2
Groupon Offers SEO Deal
Google Trends Integrates YouTube Search Data
Google Unveils Google Keep App
Quora Bows Full-Text Search
Google Upgrades Shopping App to Narrow Product Searches
How Small Steps Led To Large Gains
Digital Promotions Spending To Hit $36.1B This Year
What I Learned In 5 Days Of Technology, Innovation and Inspiration: It's All About People
Chameleon Botnet Taking Millions From Brands
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Marin Software Goes Public On NYSE Friday
Don't Waffle On Making A Digital Disaster Recovery Plan
Will Ray Kurzweil Create A Mind At Google?
Yahoo Acquires Recommendation Startup Jybe
How To Increase Leads Through Data
Coca-Cola: No Short-Term Sales Boost From Online Chatter
Microsoft, Nokia Ad Heads To NCAA
New Metrics Strengthen Evaluation Of Digital Impressions
Facebook's 'Lookalike Audiences' Tool Aids Marketers
Google Takes 1 Gig Fiber To Olathe
Facebook Asks 9th Circuit To Rule Against Pay-Per-Click Marketers
Watchdog Criticises Google For 'Harmful Videos'
Carat Projects Digital At One-Fifth Of All Ad Spend, Beginning To Dominate Key Markets
Customer Contact Key To Loyalty
Google Upgrades Shopping App to Narrow Product Searches
Yahoo In Talks To Buy Stake In Dailymotion
Chameleon Botnet Taking Millions From Brands
Video In Email, Take Three
The App To Tap Shift
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 19, 2013
How Google Is Closing SEO Loopholes In Penguin
Banner Blindness: 60% Can't Remember The Last Display Ad They Saw
Google Babble Raises Speculation On Unified Chat Utility Tool
Pinfluencer Rebrands As Piqora, Launches Social Re-Pin Feed For Brands
Searchmetrics Tool Measures Web Site Ranking In 155 Cities
Botnet Cost Ad Industry $6.2 Million Registers Major Mobile Growth
Mobile Tracking Time Ramps Up Brand Marketing
Focus Content Marketing On Consumers, Not Company Or Products
MPAA Backs Authors Guild Against Universities
Going Google In The Cloud Presents Hiccups
Triggered Emails Secure Higher Open Rates, Engagement
Google Glass Stirs Privacy Concerns
Google Prepping New Note-Taking App?
FindZebra Search Engine Hunts For Medical Results
Beyond Key Performance Indicators: Communicating With Analytics
SXSWi Serves Both Marketing Community And Innovation
The Hidden Influence of Mobile at Retail
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, March 18, 2013
Will Google Make Attribution Models Less Important In 2013?
Publicis Acquires Digital Marketer Convonix
Can Ad Targeting Work Without A Better Internet?
Mobile Shoppers Prefer Retailer Web Sites To Apps
With Google Reader, So Goes Millions Of Users
Online Ad Share Expected To Reach $51 Billion By 2017
Is That Light At The End Of The Online Video Tunnel An Oncoming Train?
Google Sees Conversational Future For Search
Mobile Expanding News Audiences, Not Profits
Tips On SEO For Local Mobile Strategies
51% of US College Students Searching for Deals by Smartphones
How To Use The Long-Tail SEO Strategy
ARF Taps Former General Mills Research Czar Fuguitt As New Chief, First Woman To Hold The Job
FindZebra Search Engine Hunts For Medical Results
Going Google In The Cloud Presents Hiccups
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