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Monday, April 15, 2013
  • Google Android OS Projected To Pass Apple iOS In Tablet Sales

    Google's Android operating system (OS) continues to gain market share from Apple, according to two analyst firms. One estimates the total tablet market at ... Read the whole story

  • Three Ways Facebook Can Get The Kids To Come Home

    While at SXSW last month, I found myself at dinner seated next to a woman who is a well-respected social media strategist. We chatted ... Read the whole story

  • Google Loses Round In Lawsuit About AdWords Pricing

    Siding against Google, a federal judge has denied the company's bid to dismiss a potential class-action lawsuit by an AdWords advertiser who says he ... Read the whole story

  • How To Set Up, Optimize Product Listing Ads

    Setting up data fees, product listing ad (PLA) campaigns, and optimizing campaigns in the data feed are all part of creating successful campaigns. While ... Read the whole story

  • Social Scoring Is An Industry, But Marketers Are Skeptical

    With the rise of social media, "influencers," and buzz marketing, "social scoring" has become an industry unto itself. Klout, for one, has emerged as ... Read the whole story

  • How To Connect With Twitter Followers

    Are consumers always signed into Twitter? I'm sure marketers are wondering how to make that happen. Kristi Hines creates a checklist for marketing brand ... Read the whole story

  • Privacy: The Video Game

    The Mumbai-based BMW Guggenheim Lab has gamified the topic of privacy by visually mapping the expectation of privacy people claim in 10 different activities ... Read the whole story