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Wednesday, June 24, 2015
  • Is Your Jaded Outlook On Mobile Destroying Your Search Campaigns?

    It's still shocking how poor some mobile sites are. Even some legitimate retailers doing north of $10 million in annual revenue seems as if … Read the whole story

  • Mississippi A.G. Wants To Resume 'Hijacked' Google Investigation

    Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood wants a federal appellate court to pave the way for him to resume investigating Google for its role in … Read the whole story

  • The New Creatives Are Data Geeks Too

    Cannes is about creative, but this year the creative conversation is laced with something more than rose -- it's laced with talk of how … Read the whole story

  • YP Makes Historic Move To Separate Digital From Print

    YP says it will separate its digital advertising and print directory businesses to create two companies. YP, and the newly formed Print Media LLC, … Read the whole story

  • Retailers, Brands Lose Billions In Annual Returns

    Search marketers need to get better at product descriptions, helping consumers size clothing, and matching competitors' prices. An estimated $6.1 billion in annual returns … Read the whole story