Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for June 2016
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 30, 2016
Why Real Time Isn't Fast Enough
Amazon Sets Annual Prime Shoppers Day For July
Online Ad Researchers Challenge Anti-Hacking Law
Google To Serve Earthquake Stats In Search Results
Where Brands Fit In Voice-Activated Assistants
Google Is Right On VR Bandwagon Jumping -- And Cardboard Fans Are The Worst
Apple, Amazon, Google Locking Out The Competition?
Google Capital Makes Investment In, Its First Public Company
10 Social Media Tips To Augment Search
How Google Puts Virtual In Reality For Daydream
Google Readies Broadband Speed Test
Elizabeth Warren Has Issues With Google, Apple, Amazon
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Yandex Hyper-Targeted Ad Platform Uses Emails, Telephone Numbers
Google Expands Ad Tracking, Offers Opt-In Options, 'My Activity'
Target Google: How To Hit Customers Where They Shop
Google Kills Off Flash, Reminds Advertisers Of Deadline
Brands Take YouTube Talent To Television To Connect With Millennials
Digital Marketing in the Age of Consolidation
Disney's Smart Light Innovations: Adding New Magic To Marketing
Pinterest Doubles Down In The Shopping Cart Wars
Yahoo Urges Judge To Throw Out Robo-Texting Class-Action
Twitter Appeals To Small Businesses With Big App
Native Advertising And Content Marketing Pair Up
Email Tops ROI League Table From Adestra
Google Fit Gets Facelift
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Opportunities To Tie Search With Programmatic, Addressable TV Slowed By Tiny Market Share
Gannett's Unlikely Acquisition Of ReachLocal Gives It Strength In Search, Hyperlocal
Using Search To Make The Last Mile Count
Google Partner Program Badges Highlight Expertise In Search Ads, Video
Cart Abandonment Or Savvy Shopping?
Facebook Chrome Extensions Redefine Save, Share From Across The Web
Baidu Lowers Revenue Guidance After Regulators Issue New Search Ad Rules
Google Taps LyricFind To Display Song Lyrics In Search Results
Google May Face Another EU Monopoly Abuse Investigation
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, June 27, 2016
YouTube Live Streaming App Rewinds Search, Authenticity
Google Reportedly Working On Series Of Smartphones
Why Long-Tail Keywords Are Your Biggest Missed Opportunity - Part II
Samsung Pushes Virtual Reality To Advertisers, Content Creators
Viacom May Have Violated Kids' Privacy Rights
Maxus Wins JLL Digital Assignment
Cloud Tools And Data Meet Networking. How Microsoft Can Justify LinkedIn's GBP26bn Price Tag
Yahoo Mail Update Allows Users To Unsend Emails
Accessing Data For The Internet Of Me
Cannes Is No Longer An Ad Festival
How To Manage First Impressions
Alphabet's Secret Plan For The Mobile City Of The Future
China's New Internet Rules Follow Baidu Probe
EU To Bring New Antitrust Charges Against Google
Chrome Bug Could Allow People To Download Video Streams
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, June 24, 2016
Searches Predicted Britain Would Vote To Leave EU
Hanapin Introduces Partner Program For In-House Paid-Search Teams
YouTube Brings Mobile Live Streaming To App
Senate Votes Down Bill That Would Have Let FBI Access Email & Search Records Without a Warrant
SMOSH Takes First Branded Scripted Live Content To YouTube Space LA
Google Searches Soar For 'Buy Gold' As UK Votes For Brexit
Personalization Popular, But Held Back By Budget And Skill
Total Transformation: Connections, Robots, and Audio
Waze, Google, Facebook: The Observer Effect And Our Interconnected, Co-Created Reality
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 23, 2016
Search Still Too Difficult For Some To Prove ROI
The Future Of Ecommerce And How Search Fits In
Data Points Of View
Google Fiber To Acquire Webpass Internet Services
Privacy Guru Pushes To Curb Broadband Providers
AOL's Kanvas Brings Facial Recognition Into Switch App
Finding The Answer In Search
Canon USA Names YouTube Creator Anna Akana Next Rebel
Save Us From Chat Bots -- Digital's Wizard Of Oz
Cross-cultural Gen Z
AT&T Mobility Considers Making TV Spots From Online Video Show Clips
Google Teams with Udacity To Teach Novice Coders
Google Bullish On VR, But Has Long Way To Go
Google Fiber Buying Webpass
comScore Research Shows YouTube's Emerging Landscape
Finding The Gems In Long-Tail Keyword Searches
Marketer-Agency Relationships Booming
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Ad Blocking Slows Mobile Web Page Loading By More Than 3 Seconds
Google Launches AdSense Labs
Conductor Redesigns Searchlight Navigation Based On Brands' Best Practices
Why Long-Tail Keywords Are Your Biggest Missed Opportunity - Part I
Consumers Say In-Store Facial Recognition Creepy, Not Cool
Targeting Millennial Moviegoers More Complex Than First Thought
AOL To Pursue More 'Open' Strategies
Dizzying Rate Of Innovation Can Hurt Brand's Relationship With Customers
Google Wins Grand Prix For Product Design
Fears Of Facebook And Google Ad Dominance Hang Over Cannes, Says AOL Chief Tim Armstrong
Forget Passwords -- Google Gives Screen Prompt For Email Access
Online Ad Spend Overtakes TV Next Year
Klues-Backed Startup Enables Brands To Target Consumers Based On 'Affinity'
Too Many Brands Doing VR Just To Say They Are Doing VR, Google Claims
Word-Of-Mouth Influence Still Strong In Digital Age
Stop the Interruption! We Need More Meaningful Advertising
Reactivation Campaigns Protect Open And Click-Through Rates
FTC Fines InMobi $950,000 For Collecting Location Data From Children
Google Is Right On VR Bandwagon Jumping -- And Cardboard Fans Are The Worst
FCC Urged To Ban Premium Pricing For Privacy
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Taking Avner Ronen's Newly Launched Public To Search
Google Attempts To Solve Painful Media Authentication Processes
Search Marketing Trust Is Built On Accurate Information
Havas Group, Atom Factory Form Creative Joint Venture, The SMASHD Group
Google Exec Demos Next Gen VR (Or Did He?)
U.S. Media Spend Up 8%
Anna Wintour On Creativity: Constantly Redefine Your Comfort Zone
CRM Data Increases Email Marketing ROI
For Publishers, Not all Mobile Advertising Created Equal
Ad Market Continues To Expand, Reaches Highest May Ever
DMCA Takedown Requests On Google Quadruple In Two Years
Google Now Allows Mobile Users to Sign Into Gmail From Home Screen
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, June 20, 2016
Why Bing Gains The Most From The Microsoft Wand Labs Acquisition
Marketers Want Technology Search To Be Like Online Dating Match
Google Ranks As Most 'Dynamic' Brand
Yahoo In Cannes Puts Emphasis On Branded Content, Storytelling, Mobile
Digital Ad Fraud: Perhaps The Most Fixable Problem Today
Zenith Downgrades 2016 Global Ad Outlook, Accelerates Mobile's Tipping Point To 2017
MCommerce Leaders Double Up And Pull Ahead -- Have You Left It Too Late?
Will Drones Fundamentally Change Advertising?
Building A Search Business: Things I Wish I Knew
Snapchat Gives Marketers Ways To Make Money On Platforms Other Than Google, Facebook
Google's DeepMind AI Teaches An Ant To Play Soccer
Google Says Duplicate Content Penalties Don't Exist
Google And Facebook Devour Ad And Data Pie -- Scraps For Everyone Else
How Walled Gardens Hinder Brands' In-House Programmatic Dream
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, June 17, 2016
Dads And Brands Connect, But Moms Get More Attention From Advertisers
AI Coming To A Content Search Engine
Fox News: TVEyes Infringes Copyright, Undercuts Licensing Market
Microsoft Buys Wand Labs For Better Bots
Google Pushes Data For Creative Guidelines Amid Consumer Concerns
Electrolux Calls NA Ad/Marketing Review
How To Search On Android From The Mobile Home Screen
Google Opens Machine Learning Research Center
Container Store Arms Employees With Wearables To Help Customers
Google's Zurich Research Centre Aims To Teach AI Common Sense
Would You Read This If You Knew A Brand Paid For It?
Oligopolies That Delight And Confound
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