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Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • Apple Expands Search Ads To More Markets In Europe And Asia

    Apple expanded Search Ads this week to markets in Asia such as Japan and South Korea and across Europe in France, Germany, Italy, and … Read the whole story

  • Google Adds Ads.txt Only Inventory Control For Display, Video

    Google on Thursday introduced a new inventory control in Display & Video 360 that allows advertisers to choose only to run campaigns on sites … Read the whole story

  • BitTorrent's Ashwin Navin Speaks Out As Blockchain Tron Acquires Company

    Tron, a blockchain company from China, officially acquired BitTorrent on Wednesday for $126 million in cash, the company confirmed in a blog post. BitTorrent … Read the whole story

  • Google Warns Against Possible Expansion Of 'Right To Be Forgotten'

    "We disagreed with the ruling in Europe and would have concerns about this principle being exported to other jurisdictions," Google told the NTIA. Read the whole story

  • Is Privacy Dead In The Digital Age? What To Do About It: Part I

    Most people now prefer to trade their personal information for goods and services. The social network generation accepts that privacy is gone, and expects … Read the whole story