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Tuesday, August 13, 2019
  • LinkedIn Launches Audience Segments With Five Partners

    LinkedIn on Tuesday announced a new targeting category to the LinkedIn Partner Program. Based on data released from Pew Research Center earlier this year, ... Read the whole story

  • Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang Touting Data As A Property Right

    Yang said that if elected, he would put laws in place to "establish data as a property right" to help share the value of ... Read the whole story

  • Google Warns Of Malware-Infected Android Phones

    A security executive reveals that 7.4 million phones came with malware installed that could take over the device. Read the whole story

  • Sen. Wyden Presses Wireless Carriers To Shed Data

    "In this modern era of massive data breaches, it is critical that companies like yours minimize the data you keep," Sen. Ron Wyden says ... Read the whole story

  • Speaking OF SEO

    How search optimization will change -- but in many ways still remain the same. Read the whole story

  • SmartNews Valuation Echoes Dot-Com Bubble

    At some point, SmartNews will have to turn a hefty profit to justify the lofty valuation. It faces competition from other news aggregators, like ... Read the whole story

  • Ins And Outs: When Agencies Think Like Clients

    Agency Within is designed to function like an in-house agency, says CEO Joe Yakuel, who talks about how the agency works and the role ... Read the whole story