• Do Privacy Concerns Distract From The Job At Hand?
    Albert Thompson, Managing Director of Digital at Walton Isaacson, says privacy needs to take a page from gaming. There should be different levels from 'Track me' to 'Here are certain things I want you to know about me' to 'I'm off the grid.'"
  • MMM, Good! Volvo Goes From Smoke & Mirrors To Magic!
    MMM measures the "halo effect" of channels and nameplates working together. "The key is to know which channels and nameplates give consumers the impulse to type Volvo into the search bar," Volvo's Trevor Hettesheimer tells our summit.
  • Cisco Recipe Is A Mix Of Account, Intent, Buying Stage Data
    Cisco has standardized its global audience across search, programmatic, and social. "It is having each channel use the same traits to ensure consistent audience targeting. The methodology uses a combination of account, intent and buying stage data."
  • Keywords' Future: Yes, No, Maybe So
    Listen in as 360i's Aubrey Sabala and Cisco's Diane Sidden talk about why they think keywords will still be with us going forward: "They will firmly live in a mix but not be in the lead." "There will always be situations and times where they will still [be used] but just not too much."
  • Purple Saves Thousands & Thousands Daily. See How!
    The category presents a low barrier to entry so the challenge is how to help consumers understand that Purple is "truly different." To do so, the brand uses long-form video on YouTube and Facebook. That impact allows the brand to pay less for search.
  • Frenemy Amazon 'Is A Beast'
    Keen Footwear is learning to work with its former enemy. Over the last several years, Amazon had been managed through Keen's wholesale team. "We left money on the table," says Kristina Smith, director, global digital marketing.
  • Who Needs Amazon When You Have Channel Partners?
    There has been an evolution in Delta Faucet Co.'s media strategy: It has come to rely on channel partners to be successful in the marketplace. Among such partners are plumbing wholesalers, commercial projects like hotels and apartment buildings, and big box retail.
  • No More Cookies, Eh? Just You Consumers Wait!
    If consumers feel the pain of what bad advertising looks like, maybe they'll be okay with giving up more of their data. "It's really on us as marketers and advertisers to provide value to the consumer to give consent to use data."
  • DTC Vs. CPG: 'Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good'
    Vivian Chang, vice president of growth, DTC, Nutranext/Clorox, said a lot is open for price testing, which is very different from the CPG world. "Rather than so much front-end research, we want to get something out there, to be agile."
  • Red Flags: If You See Something, Say Something!
    "As we on-boarded a new agency, we did some digging. We found that a lot of spend was used to target children under the age of six, specifically." You see, kids that young don't know to hit the skip button.
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