• Flattened By COVID, Zenni Optical Banked On Nimbleness To Battle Back
    Zenni has been setting itself up for success by creating a story, a personality around its brand in the last few years.
  • SimpliSafe Fine-tuning Its Brand Proposition In Home-security Category
    SimpliSafe, which sells DIY home security directly to consumers, is shooting four new holiday spots as we speak with Robert Larson, an ex-burglar who is now a family man. He's not likely to be recognized on the street as he wears a mask, and not the COVID kind either.
  • 2 Industries Present Case Studies, Takeaways Learned From Email Campaigns
    A takeaway: Create consistency in what users hear online and offline. Have marketing meets with other departments to make sure the message matches value.
  • 3 Brands Pivot To Content In Winning Ways As COVID-19 Rears Its Ugly Face
    "We used email to send out all the content we were producing at a very low cost," said Jacksonville Jaguars marketing director.
  • Brooklinen Says Testing, Learning, Small Steps In Email Personalization Really Add Up
    Find the right message, and target consumers based on what they're looking at on your website, said company's director of email and retention.
  • 7-Eleven Faced A Geographic Reckoning When Crisis-Hit Communities Reopened
    The company ran up against city, county and state regulations that varied during the crisis and even more so during reopening that followed.
  • When The Action Stopped, PGA Tour Cranked Up The Email Channel
    Initially, the PGA had not been feeding fans' appetite for the human interest angle. "Going forward, there will be a balance between action, the leaderboard and human interest stories."
  • COVID Put McDonald's 2020 Plan To Emphasize The Customer On Back Of Rocket Ship
    The interesting aspect of this is that McDonald's had looked to 2020 to turn from a product-based messaging approach to a consumer-centric approach and the crisis put the plan on the back of a rocket ship.
  • As OTT Surges In Ad-Supported Media, How To Choose A Channel?
    As OTT stands out in the period of flux, how do agencies go about finding a trusted partner? Do they vet them or do they just work with them so long that they come to know?
  • Job Platform Indeed Finds Gold In Long-Form Content On TV
    "What we see is that linear TV is the biggest driver for us," Indeed's Paul J. D'Arcy told MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit via Zoom, "because of its reach and scale. It's a powerful channel."
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