• Think Customer First: Conversion Tips From European Email Marketers
    Thinking about the customer to develop your content is the best way to drive conversions, according to panelists at the Email Marketing Summit in Barcelona today.
  • Electronic Arts Puts Gamers First, Using Data To Personalize Email
    Stephanie Sczech is the global director of Lifecycle Marketing at EA, and kicked off the first day of the Email Insider Summit with a keynote address on "Email 2.0: From Campaign to Real-Time Experience."
  • Welcome To Day 1 Of The Email Insider Summit
    Welcome to the Email Insider Summit at the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island in (somewhat) sunny Florida! We're excited you've joined us, and we're looking forward to talking about all things email marketing over the next three days.
  • Nielsen: 'Trial' Biggest Barrier To VR Adoption
    What's the biggest barrier facing Facebook and other businesses investing in the virtual reality space? It's all about "trial," says Ronjan Sikdar, Vice President of Media Analytics at Nielsen.
  • How JCPenney Is Using Mobile To Boost In-Store Purchases
    Do you still believe that mobile is the future of media and marketing? Well, "Then you're probably really far behind, right now," says James Meeks, Mobile Product Director at JCPenney.
  • AI: Good for consumers; What about jobs?

    New artificial/voice intelligence devices from Amazon and Google are just at the beginning of disrupting consumer purchasing. But will it also affect jobs among retailers?

    “There’ll be shifting of resources; new jobs created that are going to be about the experience,” says Greg Hedges, director of strategy for RAIN, in speaking at MediaPost’s Marketing AI event.

    “Maybe in a retail store you'll need to ask a digital assistant where the TVs are,” he says. “Maybe the Geek Squad can tell you how to use it, or which one is better for you.” Hedges says, for example, if ...

  • VC: AI Adoption Occurring At Double The Speed Of Earlier Tech Shifts
    Marketers who thinks they can ignore the AI revolution -- or even wait until its adoption becomes more standardized -- are signing their own death warrants. That was the message Sarah Fay, Managing Director at Glasswing Ventures, delivered to attendees of MediaPost's Marketing AI conference, on Wednesday.
  • TV Political Media Buying: Networks Can Be A Better Bet

    Increasingly TV networks can be a more attractive buy for political candidates and political issues versus local TV stations.

    Will Feltus, senior vp of National Media Research, a political media agency, speaking at the MediaPost TV Insider Summit, says because TV stations continue to be a dominant media planning component when it comes all kind of political campaigns, their spot rates prices have grown accordingly. 

    So much so, he says, TV networks shows can offer better pricing. For example, a weekend network TV news shows, such as ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” was priced at $7,500 ...

  • Powerful TV Targeting Tools... for Power Tools

    Positec Tool -- an older skewing power tools and lawn care equipment brand found at Lowe’s-- was looking for a different media approach for its big fourth quarter selling period.

    Instead on focusing on its traditional 35-54 Nielsen demographic and its typical associated cable TV networks -- such as Fox News Channel, and the DIY Network -- it looked at more advanced TV targeting data.

    “We were letting the media push our [media planning/buying],” says Lindsay Hendricks, senior media manager of Positec Tool.

    Hendricks says for its brand to succeed it needed to expand to ...

  • 8 Best Practices For Evaluating A Programmatic TV Platform
    As more advertisers and their media agencies evaluate tactics for implementing programmatic TV (PTV), what should they look for in PTV vendors? Media buyers at Los Angeles-based agency Quigley-Simpson offered best practices during MediaPost's TV Insider Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.
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