• For Social Influencers, All Roads Lead To... Kentucky?
    The Bluegrass State is now home to the most socially connected folks in the country, according to new research from consulting firm Teneo.
  • Snap Shifts To Ecommerce Opportunities
    Dubbed "The Drop," the shoppable show will feature streetwear collaborations between celebrities and designers, and launch later this year.
  • Around the World, Most Want Platforms To Block Shady Political Ads
    Just 26% of people around the world think platforms should not interfere with such ads, and Facebook is the biggest concern, per a YouGov survey for Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. But stateside, most who lean left favor blocking lying ads, while most of those who lean right do not.
  • How To Use TikTok To Advance Brand Strategy
    "Brands should understand the platform and adapt their voices accordingly," says Laura Russell, director of strategy at digital agency Adlucent.
  • How Social Ads Survived The Pandemic
    Most brands pressed pause on their social media campaigns -- but those that didn't enjoyed exceptionally efficient campaigns throughout the month.
  • Twitter Dodges Demands To Discipline Trump
    The latest problem involves Trump tweeting baseless theories that MSNBC "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough murdered a woman in 2001.
  • Sandberg Says Smallest, Women-Run Businesses Suffering Most
    As of April, nearly a third of U.S. SMBs had shut down -- with the situation particularly stark for women, who operate 55% of the economy's smallest businesses.
  • How Facebook Takes Temperature Of SMB Market
    Facebook did less poorly than expected last quarter, in part because small- and medium-sized businesses didn't cut digital ad spend that much.
  • 'Pod' People Are Gaming Instagram Engagement Rates
    Members of groups that sometimes number well up in the thousands are engaging in "reciprocity abuse" to artificially drive up posts for promoted content, political causes and other reasons, finds a new study..
  • Facebook Turning Pandemic Into Branding Gold
    Imagine if Facebook had been given the opportunity a year ago -- pre-pandemic -- to host one big graduation ceremony for every student in America. Consider the brand value of effectively serving as the premier sponsor for what many young people and their families consider to be the most significant day of their lives. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Facebook can now make that branding bonanza a reality. On May 15, the tech titan plans to host a virtual graduation ceremony for the entire Class of 2020. Pulling out all the stops, a commencement address will be …
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