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Wednesday, October 19, 2011
  • JVC Mobile Entertainment Creates Local Social Network

    In a first-of-its kind offering, JVC Mobile Entertainment has created a network of 84 Facebook pages that link the company's national product lines with ... Read the whole story

  • WOM Explodes Thanks To Social Media

    Word-of-mouth marketing is soaring, thanks to social media. But to click with the public, earned media must be integrated with online and offline paid ... Read the whole story

  • Clear Channel Radio Gets Daily Deals From LivingSocial

    The social commerce marketplace is booming, and broadcast radio -- with its extensive local sales presence and audience reach -- is a natural promotional ... Read the whole story

  • The Power of Social Marketing Grabbing Marketers

    According to the 2011 Chief Marketer Social Marketing Survey, 73% of respondents say they now incorporate social messaging into their campaigns, up from 64% ... Read the whole story

  • Email + Social Integration: More Useful Than A Holy Grail

    Combining email and social media has become a sort of Holy Grail quest for marketers and the vendors who support them. It is an ... Read the whole story